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So far this season, you have collectively helped over 1,000 toads and frogs cross the road safely.
The weather is cooling down the next few days so no expected movements from our amphibian friends.

Toads may be crossing on Saturday and Sunday 🐸


Moving into Phase 2: Be alert as toads could be moving in either direction - to or from the reservoir. Observe the toads' movements first before transporting them!

🐸 Seeking volunteers to lead evening shifts.


Although there is no rain tonight, the temperature will be warm enough for the toads. They will move on warm and dry nights. We're expecting some movement tonight, more tomorrow, and lots more on Thursday (especially if it rains 🌧).


We had our first detour of the season last week! Over 200 amphibians crossed the road - there were green frogs, a bullfrog and of course, american toads.
Toads are predicted for Saturday, 4/1 & Tuesday, 4/4 but the weather has been getting colder throughout the week. Continue to monitor the temperature and the predictor in case the forecast changes!


It's another cold week... We are not anticipating any toads crossing.

Here's a question for those who have joined Toad Detour before - Other than American Toads, what other creatures have you seen?


It's another cold week here in Philadelphia. There will be no toads crossing.


Classic 😂


Scientists have detected adenine and guanine in meteorites for decades and seen hints of uracil. But cytosine and thymine had remained elusive.


Adult toads are making their way back to the forest. Toads are expected to cross tonight, May 4th! Arrive closer to sunset, 8pm, to volunteer (because toads are nocturnal).

For other interested evenings: check the 8pm forecast for the evening you plan to volunteer. If it's raining, look for temperatures above 54°F. If there is no rain, 65°F min., 70°F+ is better.
-Photo by Christopher Hand.


We had some movement yesterday at Toad Detour - about 60 amphibian friends crossed the road. There is no movement suspected for the next few days due to the decrease in temperature.

Be sure to check the evening (8pm) forecast for the evening you plan to volunteer. If it's raining, look for temperatures above 54°F. If there is no rain, 65°F min., 70°F+ is better.


Join historian Joanna Behrman for a fast-paced dive into the history of women in science in the United States


🌻🌷April Showers Bring May Flowers🌷🌻 Spring has really sprung now- no more fools springs and mini winters for us. Read on for some good seasonal science fun and get that garden on point. 


Over 500 toads crossed last week over the span of 3 days!!!


The 'annual' Spring Health Fair is happening in person for the first time in 2 long years, I am very excited to be hosting the event sponsored by the Donna Caddick Endowment. I have included a volunteer sign-up below.
The sign-up is open to both staff and students. Volunteers duties will be signng students in, assiting with the smoothie bicycle, and checking students in for massages in the banquet room. I will be very thankful for any time you can offer, to help out.

Health Fair Volunteer Sign-up
Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Best Regards,

Michele Scott RN, BSN

Campus Nurse

103 Lares Building

Phone: 215-881-7350

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Come learn about the strange combo of best practices for managing birth in today’s hospitals.


Toads are known as indicator species. They are extremely sensitive to changes in the environment and are the first species to enter or leave a habitat. Because toads are both predators and prey, their presence play an important role in the forest ecosystem. Unfortunately, our toads face a risky jo...


Toad Detour works to protect the local toad population of the Schuylkill Center and the surrounding Roxborough, Philadelphia neighborhood as the toads migrate to and from their breeding grounds each spring. This migration occurs nightly* from March 1st - June 30th. The Detour’s volunteers erect ba...


The latest edition of by Compound Interest looks at how antiviral drugs work and some notable compounds that target viruses: https://fal.cn/3lLKz

First extra credit opportunity!

First extra credit opportunity!

No one has ever travelled beyond our cosmic back yard, so all we really have to go off is the tiny drizzles of light that hit our telescope

Something to ponder during these freezing temperatures.

Something to ponder during these freezing temperatures.


Happy ! 🎃 Anyone got chemistry-themed pumpkin carving to share? Here’s a look at the chemicals behind their color and aroma: https://fal.cn/3jshq

See more by Compound Interest at https://fal.cn/3jshl


How do anesthetics work? In this by Compound Interest, Andy Brunning looks at the different types of anesthesia and how some of the compounds work:

See more : https://fal.cn/3j81e


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