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Congratulations newly certified EMT Penny Cobb!!!!


Congratulations, Menachem Sossonko, on completing EMT with us. Good luck on the NREMT CBT Exam!


Congratulations to Paramedic course grads, Rebecca Durham and Chandler Shaw!!! Good luck on the NREMT and your career as Paramedics!


Congratulations, EMT grad Penny Cobb. Good luck on the NREMT CBT exam!


Congratulations to new NREMT-Paramedic Dusty Benthall!!!! Good luck on your career as a Paramedic!!


Congratulations shout out to Taylor Reynolds for completing EMT with us. Good luck on the NREMT CBT exam!


Congratulations to new NREMT Paramedic, Andrei Gavrilut. Andrei was one of our international students, and he has done so well in finishing our program. We wish you luck and hope to see you again soon!


Congrats to EMT graduate, John Dolan! Good luck on the NREMT CBT exam!


Congratulations new Paramedic Levi Hickey!!!!


Congratulations, new EMT Duane Tinker!!


Wonderful email from Michele Bracken, Paramedic student! Thanks, Michele!

"Just wanted to let you know I passed my psychomotor test on the 13th! I passed all the stations first time through and it was actually pretty easy. One of the proctors asked me where I'd gone to school and commented on how well prepped I had been. Thanks for everything... I'm excited to get my clinicals and rides done and take the written soon! "


Congratulations, EMT graduate Jamal Taylor!!! Good luck on the NREMT CBT exam!


Reminder - PERCOM offices are closed for Spring Break until Monday, March 22nd. Thank you.


Congratulations, EMT graduate Braeden Hufford! Good luck on the NREMT!


PERCOM Students, don't forget we close Friday evening and will be closed for our Spring Break until the morning of March 22nd. Enjoy your Spring Break. Also, don't forget there is a time change this weekend too for Texas - Spring Forward!


Michele Bracken, from our Paramedic program, just sent us this! Thank you, Michele!

"I just accepted a full time position with a rural agency in central Utah. My scope of practice is large enough that I can use a variety of the Paramedic skills I've learned through Percom as an Advanced EMT.

Today I was the team leader on a full cardiac arrest. We shocked the patient 5 times pushed multiple rounds of drugs and quickly established an airway. It was the first time I have run a code and felt completely confident in what I was looking for and what needed to be done. I've not even done my internship yet and feel confident in my knowledge and skills. I cannot say enough great things about the training I've received as a PERCOM student.

Please send my gratitude to Cody Bell and Michael as well. They did a great job in prepping my skills for the real world!"


Congratulations to Paramedic Graduate, Dusty Benthall!! Good luck on the NREMT and your future as a Paramedic!!


Wow, thank you, Levi Hickey, for the wonderful email patting Sherri Carson and Tammy Williams on the back. They so rarely hear from students regarding all the hard work they put in on their behalf behind the scenes. Many do not realize just how difficult their jobs can be and how hard they work to try and meet as many needs and reasonably possible and that are within our policies and abilities.

"During my time in your program I ran across 2 people who I feel do not get the credit or praise they deserve from students.

Mrs. Sherri- Mrs. Sherri was always willing to answer any questions I may have had and if she did not know the answer she would either point me in the right direction or go find out the answer and get back with me. There is one time that absolutely speaks to the kind and caring individual that Mrs. Sherri is! I was on my P1 clinicals and I was on shift the next day with a clinical rotation the following day. My wife had washed my laundry and forgot to remove a pen from my pocket. I only had 1 PERCOM Shirt and it was ruined. I called Mrs. Sherri to see what I could do about ordering another one and how long it would take. Mrs. Sherri went above and beyond. She stated that she was needing to come to Weatherford to do some returns and some shopping and that she would bring it to me the next day. This was appreciated more than I can say as you are well aware of the struggle that Clinicals have been during the COVID pandemic.

Mrs. Williams- Mrs Williams was willing to work with me throughout my entire clinical rotation. I can imagine that the usual deadlines became only more frustrating with clinical sites shutting down and not allowing students in. She was always willing to change a clinical or help me figure out what I still needed to complete clinicals. She never seemed frustrated and was more than willing to adapt and overcome any clinical obstacle that I may have run into. She was always kind and more than willing to expedite a process if need be in order for me to accomplish my clinical goal.

Both of these women made it possible and took away loads of stress from me by being kind and helpful. They definitely deserve acknowledgement as i'm sure they have to deal with and hear the gripes and complaints more than the attaboys. If you would please pass on my thanks and appreciation it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you."


Congratulations,Levi Hickey - Paramedic Grad! Good luck on the NREMT and your future as a Paramedic!!


Congratulations, EMT graduate, Avery Byard!! Good luck on the NREMT CBT exam!!!


From Paramedic graduate Timothy Gamble below - thank you, Timothy!!

" I have to tell you, I am extremely pleased with the course from start to finish. Previously many years ago I attempted to take a paramedic class in southern California. The class was a couple of hours from my home at the time, was held in person 4 days a week and I worked full time 3 days a week. Ultimately the time, travel, and monetary commitment proved to be too much for me at that time. I was apprehensive about trying again, but having met Jerry in San Antonio during a skills test when you allowed me to challenge the EMT class back in 2014 or 2015 and having a fairly decent opinion of the program as a whole I gave it a shot, and I am glad I did. I cannot thank you enough!"


Congratulations, new NREMT John McGraw!!! Great work and good luck as an EMT!


We just received this from Paramedic Student Chris Ruegg. You are very welcome, Chris!!

"I also wanted to take a moment to thank you as I near completion of my program, you gave me a chance despite a not so great ending at my previous school and that really has meant a lot to me. I’m so glad that I found PERCOM. Thank you for giving me the second chance I needed. "


Congratulations, Paramedic Graduate Timothy Gamble!!! We hope you do well on NREMT and have a bright future as a Paramedic!


Kind comments from a current EMT student. Thank you, Reece Stevenson!

"I’d like to share my gratification with you about the course. It’s been a great and easy learning experience for me. The information was very easy to digest and I felt as if I got a full grasp on the new ways of thinking that you shared to me. Also the order in which each chapter was placed was very appropriate for someone who knew nearly nothing about medical info. (Aka me). I will definitely recommend PERCOM if given the opportunity."


PERCOM students don't forget about the "Special Healthcare Needs Patients" lecture tonight on ZOOM by Chris Snider. Access link information is posted in your course Student Forums.


We would also like to congratulate EMT graduates Bethany Dyson and Avery Byard! Good luck on the NREMT!!


Congratulations to AEMT graduate James Johnson!! Good luck on the NREMT and your future as an AEMT!!


Congratulations to EMT graduate Romain Contet! Good luck on the NREMT!


Congratulations to Jamal Taylor and Nancy Coe for passing EMT with us. Good luck on the NREMT and your future as EMT's!!!


What a wonderful email we just received from Paramedic student, Christian Weber! Thanks, Christian!

"I cannot give you enough thanks for the way you are caring about us! I just talked to my Chief and he can't believe how much you guys care about your students, contrary to what we have seen from local colleges all over Colorado. You can be assured that you will get more students from us in the future."


Abilene, TX


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