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ECU Global SIG Business Club The Global SIG Business Club is a student-run organization aiming at creating a community of students that will be able to create new projects in future, work together as a team as well as foster innovation and creativity.

Global SIG Organization will host a tax refund workshop event this afternoon at CBCC in room 221 at 4pm. This event is t...

Global SIG Organization will host a tax refund workshop event this afternoon at CBCC in room 221 at 4pm. This event is trying to assist all student around the campus to understand how to fill out their tax form and finalize it online. Anyone who has problem of doing tax refund by themselves, or having any other tax related questions who are seeking for professional help can come and join us! Business professor Dr. Hobb and Mr. Stone would love to answer the question for everyone and make everyone understand the tax refund process. Hopefully see you guys there!! :)


Hi! Everyone! On Oct 6th we will have a Go Global Event which hosted by Dr. Mara. This event will be hosted in UC Estep room between tomorrow 10AM and 3pm! At this event, we will promote our Global SIG organization and share information about our business school international exchange program. If you are interested in coming; or you had already put your name down for helping this event in our Global SIG meeting, please let us know the specific time frame you will be able to go and help. We will set up a global SIG organization table there to share our information. Therefore, we need people there to represent our organization. If you only have one hour available to come and help is totally fine as well, but please let us know as long as u are willing to come! Thank you! :) we really hope you guys would come!! Just text me and let me know!


Attention everyone! "Go Global", a Study Abroad Fair will be on Tuesday, October 6. Presentation in UC Estep Auditorium is from 11:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.. Exhibits in UC is from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.. Please be there, represent your country, and show your culture if you can! Thank you! :)
Tracy Lin


The Tax Return Workshop is scheduled to be on Mar. 4, 2:30-3:30pm.

Sarah, please email me your design of the poster by tomorrow, Feb. 26.



Dear members:

We are going to have the first club meeting for this semester this afternoon. Don't forget about it! See you in CBCC at 2:00 p.m.. Thanks. :)

Jiajun Lin


Thanks for everyone's work for the internship presentation! It was a great one today!! :)

Jiajun Lin


We now need to promote the internship presentation. I have sent the final version of the poster to your ECU email. Below are the tasks and the responsible member(s):
1) contact Jessica, international students office, provide her the electronic poster and ask her to promote the presentation to all international students. (Jiajun)
2) contact the career center director, provide her the electronic poster and ask her to promote the presentation.(Sisi)
3) advertise on ECU website.(Jiajun Lin)
4) put printed poster all around the campus.(Haruka and Qingqing)

In addition, make the PPT from three student presenters consistent.(Yifei), Yifei also needs to email your director of the poster.

Any other suggestions are welcome.




Dear club members:

We are going to have the second discussion meeting at 2 p.m. on October 14th, Tuesday, for the Internship Project.

Last meeting we talked about In State & Out of State Internship Opportunities, including campus resources like Career Center, Career EXPO, School of Business, Writing Center for editing resumes, International Office for working documents, and doing online searches. Please get relevant information ready on the meeting ( should know which part you take charge of). We will collect information and prepare for the presentation this time.

Thank you all guys for doing the great job!!! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me! :)

Jiajun Lin


Dear Global SIG members:

The meeting is rescheduled to Friday, Feb. 21, 1:00pm.

We will meet in the elevator area on the third floor of school of business building first, and then go to the conference room to have our meeting.

We will elect a President, or two Co-presidents for Global SIG in the meeting, and discuss the projects we want to do.



Hi, everyone:

We will have a meeting next Wednesday, at 1:30pm. I will meet you in the area to the left of the elevator on the third floor.

We will need to elect a President, or Co-presidents for the SIG, and discuss the projects we need to do.

Look forward to seeing you there.



Hello friends, our international flags are now visible in the business building. However, we are still working on the flag of Nepal. Invite your friends to the business building and find your home country's flag.


Hi, All:

I wish you are doing well with your finals.

The flags are being shown on the screen.

Thanks for everybody's work to make it happen.

Have a safe and happy winter break.



Sarah said she had sent it again when she saw the message. Please let me know if you don't receive it by emailing me to my campus mail [email protected].




Thank you for the information that you all provided for our International Countries Flag Project 2013. However, I still have not received the part from Sarah Deng. Could anybody let her know. My email is [email protected]
Thank you.


The room number is Conference Room 306 at the School of Business building.



We need to find high resolution flag images (above 300 pixels x 300 pixels) for our project in addition to the information we are gathering.

The list of countries we get from the international students office are as follows:

1. Albania

2. Bahamas

3. Chile

4. China

5. Colombia

6. India

7. Jamaica

8. Japan

9. Kenya

10. Macedonia

11. Nepal

12. Nigeria

13. Spain

14. St. Lucia

15. Venezuela

16. Zimbabwe

We want to add Australia and U.S. to the list. Totally there are 18 countries.

We need to have a meeting this Thursday (Oct. 24) at 2:00 at the same meeting room where we had our meetings before.




Do you guys know anybody who can use Photoshop well? To display the flags electronically, we need to use Photoshop.


Karen, the secretary of School of Business, contacted Rise Display, the company that provides display service, and got tutorials from them on how to display flags electronically. Karen forwarded the tutorials to the Marketing department of ECU for them to study how to display the flags in our building.


We got the country list from Jessika. Now the secretary of the school of business is contacting related party on the technical possibility to display flags electronically in the building. Once I hear from her, I will let you know.


Thank you everybody for showing up for the meeting today and sharing your thoughts. Special thanks to Dr. Charlie Jones for his time. Have a good weekend.


Dear members, we got approved for our international flag project in the Harland C. Stonecipher School of Business. We will be having a meeting on friday at 2 pm in the same room of business building. Please spread the word. Thank you.


Spread the word.

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ECU Global SIG Business Club's cover photo


The Harland C Stoneciper School Of Business
Ada, OK


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