UMass Science Fiction Society

UMass Science Fiction Society We are a lending library of around 9000 books located in the basement of the Campus Center 108 in the same area around the Collegian. The University of Massachusetts Science Fiction Society (UMSFS for short) is the second largest Science Fiction and Fantasy lending library on the east coast.

We pride ourselves on having a relaxed atmosphere where students and non-students alike can stop in, relax, and engage in intelligent, if silly and sometimes absurd, conversation. UMSFS is also one of the oldest RSOs on campus, and is home to about 9,000 volumes of Science Fiction and Fantasy writing. We are also always on the look out for new books, and new members. We are located in the basement of the Campus center near The Collegian & WMUA; go down the stairs, through the Collegian doors, and we're right down the hallway to the left. Our door is labeled "Sci-Fi Meeting Room". Trust us, you can't miss it.

Operating as usual


Come join us, tonight at 7 in the scifi library for filk! Gather as we sing classic science fiction songs or bring your own song for us to sing. See you there!


Join us tonight in the scifi library at 7 for a showing of Over the Garden Wall!!!
Hope to see you there!


Join us tonight at 7 in the scifi library for spooky milk and cookies story time! Bring your favorite short stories to read (10 mins or less)! Feel free to bring your own work if you want. The spookier the story the better. Milk and cookies will be provided!


Who's ready for a spooky good time?! Join us tomorrow at 7 in the scifi library for board games! We'll be playing all our spooky favorites such as Betrayal at the House on the Hill.


Who's excited for spooktober?
Join us tonight at 7 in the scifi library for a showing of 'Night of the Living Dead'!
It should be a fun and spooky time. We hope you all can make it!


Hey everyone!
Tonight is our second meeting. That's right! Come on down to the sci-fi library and we'll play a variety of games including a library scavenger hunt. Sounds like fun!
The meeting is 7-9 tonight in the sci-fi library in the basement of the campus center. Hope to see you there!


Hello everyone!
School is back in session and our first meeting of the year will be tomorrow, Thursday the 12th from 7-9 in the campus center basement.

We will be having a general social to get to know all the new members and we will playing some book related games. Come on down and see what the club has to offer!

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night!


Our November events!!

November 1: Board Game Night

Come and play your favorite games in the library. The Games' Hobbyist League kindly allows us use of their collection, so we have basically everything you could want.

November 3: Over the Garden Wall (this is a Saturday)

Come watch this animated miniseries about two boys lost in a forest! This event will start at 8pm and it will last about 2 hours.

November 8: Filk

What is filk? It's science fiction themed folk songs! Singing aptitude not required. Come sing out of one of our classic hymnals, or bring your own to share! (We also have a club ukelele you can play if you would like.)

November 15: Milk, Cookies, Stories, and Crafts

Like last month, except instead of Halloween decorations it'll be hand turkeys and other harvest/Thanksgiving themed crafts. Bring your favorite science fiction or fantasy stories to share (please no longer than ten minutes).

November 29: Book Club

Our book club book this month is Good Omens, by Sir Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman! We have a copy available if you would like to come read it in the library. (If you wish to check it out, you will need a library card, which is $4 for the semester and $7 for the year).

Did you know that the we are not only a lending library but we also sell books we already have copies of? Come on down f...

Did you know that the we are not only a lending library but we also sell books we already have copies of? Come on down for some wholesome books to add to your collection.


October events:

October 4: Writing Games and Library Exploration--making stories out of sci fi titles in the library (and random lines found within) and other writing games.

October 11: Spooky Board Game Night. Werewolf...Betrayal at the House on the Hill...all your favorite spooky games! (or Settlers of Catan, we're not that committed to the theme, it's just that it's October).

October 18: Pumpkin Painting and Storytime: We will have mini pumpkins to paint and cookies to eat! Bring your favorite sci fi or fantasy story (as long as it's short or you're okay with only reading an excerpt) to share. (What's black and white and red all over? The Daily Collegian after an UMSFS arts and craft night).

October 25: Book Club! This month's book is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. Come down and check it out (or, if you don't have a UMSFS library card, the DuBois library has several copies, including audiobook versions, and it's also available on Project Gutenberg).

Everyone had so much fun at the board game night, it was a huge success! Join us next week for the book club!

Everyone had so much fun at the board game night, it was a huge success! Join us next week for the book club!


Hopefully everyone had a good time at our Eye of Argon reading and social. Our remaining events for the month are as follows:

Thurs. 9/20, 7-9, Board Game Night!

We're breaking out the cardboard and cardstock, dealing out dice for some fun, nerdy board games. From Catan to Carcazone, we'll have a lot to play with if you you want to play.

Thurs. 9/27, 7-9, Book Club! The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger by Stephen King.

To start the year, we're reading the first book in Stephen King's Dark Tower series. Combining Western, Sci-Fi, and Horror elements, this king classic follows the last Gunslinger on his quest to defeat the Man in Black. Whether you've read the series or are new to king, join us to discuss the book.


Now that graduation has set in, we need to hold OFFICER ELECTIONS for next year! If you're interested in running for a position, comment here or email [email protected] with the position(s) you intend to run for!


Reminder: Come to our trivia event tonight at 7:00! Don't miss out!


Welcome back, mellon-nin! UMSFS events this semester, as last semester, will be held on Thursdays from 7-9PM; hope to see people there!


Spooky Board Games tonight! Hope to see everyone there!



Spooky Game Night
Thursday, October 12th, 7PM to 9PM, in the UMSFS Library
Come play board games together!

Milk and Cookies (and Pumpkins!) Storytime
Thursday, October 19th, 7PM to 9PM, in the UMSFS Library
Read and listen to sci-fi and fantasy stories while eating milk, drinking cookies, and decorating pumpkins!

Library Reorganization & Cleanup
Sunday, October 22nd, noon-3PM or so, in the UMSFS Library
We'll be reorganizing the bookshelves, tidying up the library, and decorating for Halloween!

Book Club: The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson
Thursday, October 26th, 7PM-9PM, in the UMSFS Library
Come join us to talk about this month's book!

Over the Garden Wall Marathon
Sunday, October 29th, 7PM-9PM, in the UMSFS Library
Come celebrate early Halloween with the modern classic tv miniseries. There will be candy!


Welcome, new and old members alike! We're excited to start a new semester! The first meeting of the semester will be Today, Thursday, Sep 14, at 7:00. We'll have more posts and more events as they come. Stay tuned!

Dear omnifarious subjects,UMSFS is proud to announce that it will be attending Boskone! Boskone, much like Arisia, is a ...
Boskone 54

Dear omnifarious subjects,

UMSFS is proud to announce that it will be attending Boskone! Boskone, much like Arisia, is a science fiction and fantasy convention held in Boston. It's much smaller than Arisia, at about 1,000 attendees, but it has a very high quality of panels and guests of honor. You can find out more about Boskone at, including the specific panels, events, and location. Boskone goes from Friday the 17th to Sunday the 19th. We will not be providing registration, but student registration is only $45.

UMSFS will be renting out a single room at the con hotel, the Westin Boston Waterfront. If you want to stay with us, please send me an email ASAP at [email protected], as we can only cram a limited number of people into a single room, and it's first come first serve. Because of this, however, you should only come if you're comfortable sleeping on the floor, or sharing a bed with someone. At least one person in the club is willing to provide transportation, so if you can't get to Boston by yourself, please let me know and we'll arrange something.

Also, please feel free to come even if you haven't come to any of our prior events. Chances are we'll have extra space in the hotel room, and we'd rather fill it than have it be empty.

February 17-19, 2017


Greetings patriotic subjects,

The nominations are in! The nominations for each position are:

President: Emma Cook
Vice President: Sam Baldwin
Treasurer Samuel Orloff
Head Librarian: Chloe Dodge
Secretary: David Downs

Now, while there is only one person per position, voting is an important part of the democratic process, so please, do your civic duty and send me an email at [email protected] with your vote.

Elections will end on May 20th, at midnight. Please get your votes in before then!

-Samuel Orloff, Treasurer


Dear past and future subjects,

We are pleased to announce that the Science Fiction Society is still affected by the inexorable flow of time! Due to this, we are once again holding elections. But first, we must determine who will be lucky enough to compete for one of the esteemed titles! That is to say, we will be accepting nominations, before the election proper. We will accept nominations via email from now until a week from now, on midnight, May 12th. We will then announce the nominees, and accept votes for another week.

So, if you wish to run for a position, please send me an email at [email protected] . The available positions are:
Vice President
Head Librarian

If you have questions about any of the positions or their obligations, feel free to ask me. Also, if you wish to submit a short blurb describing who you are and why people should vote for you, send it with your email and we'll send it out when we announce the nominees.

P.S. I'm personally aware of a number of people that will be running for positions next semester. You should know who you are. You don't need to email me confirming your running.

Again, that email is [email protected]

We occasionally summon new members with black magic.  Happy Halloween month!

We occasionally summon new members with black magic. Happy Halloween month!

UMass Science Fiction Society's cover photo

UMass Science Fiction Society's cover photo


We now have a tumblr for writing and artwork by members and club news.

10/02/2014 ##umsfs


Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to remind everyone that our first move Marathon is tonight starting at 7:00 in room 165 in the basement of the Campus Center


Hello Everyone hope you have had a great summer and welcome any and all freshmen and transfer students, we will be having our first general body meeting this Thursday September11th at 6:15 PM in the Campus Center basement room 174.

Any and everyone is welcome to come and join us. We will be talking about our plans for the current semester and be taking suggestions for future events.

Additionally, we are currently looking for members who are willing to take a more active role and become officers this semester. We will be taking initial nominations at the meeting and If you wish to hear more or talk to us about becoming an officer please come by. If you are unable to attend please feel free to contact us here by posting on our wall or messaging us directly.

New & prospective members are highly encouraged to join us here, to learn more about UMSFS.


UMSFS 50th Anniversary BBQ

DATE: Sunday, April 27th
TIME: 12-5 (or any time in between!)
ADDRESS: 379 Strong St, Amherst, MA
RSVP: estaruk AT by April 20th
Please include any dietary restrictions / allergies when you RSVP.

If you don't RSVP, you can still come; just bring some food! :)


Hey Everyone, Due to increased construction in the area and safety concerns we are going to be relocating our offices to Campus Center Basement 177 and 178 for the immediate future. Unfortunately, the library will not be open during this time.


hey this is an update on the room. It will continued to be closed throughout this week due to saftey/health concerns regarding the construction. Keep checking back here for updates.


Hello and Welcome Back to Umass. Just for your information, the room is going to be closed tomorrow due to construction in the area around the room. We will keep you update here and via the Facebook Group.


Hey guys just a reminder we are having our weekly meeting today at 7:00 in our office in the basement of the Campus Center room 103(Near the collegian)


103 Campus Center Way
Amherst, MA


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Do the current officers anticipate that the club will be open at all this coming school year?
I've got six boxes of SF/F books from former (and deceased) president Aaron Wilson to donate--is anyone from the club going to be around tomorrow? Don't worry too much--they're already mostly organized by author/genre/subject. Also, the (old) Web site needs updating. ( is not accessible to non-UMass community members.) The last I knew the Campus Activities Office (which now seems to be the Student Organization Resource Center ) was able to provide the password to the account. jwatson8 [at] comcast [dot] net
Just came across your page, looks like an awesome space to go relax and engage in fun conversation about the shared love of science-fiction. I’m a huge sci-fi fan, and I think my favorite part about the genre is that although it’s usually outside of the realm of reality, it’s fun to let your mind wander into the thought of what society would be like if these things were actually true. I recently watched a sci-fi/thriller movie on VOD called Empathy Inc that had that effect on me-- it was about a world living with hyper-advanced technology, specifically “extreme” virtual reality, and the chaos that ensues when the power of XVR falls into the hands of evil. By the time the film was over, I was left questioning everything I thought I knew about humanity! If you wanna check it out, you can find the trailer on Amazon or YouTube!
I delivered to fellow old-timer Robert (Bob) Trayner on Sunday evening (though from his Facebook account I'm about a decade younger). I didn't realize I knew him until I was out the door, when the voice struck me as familiar (slightly nasal, though not in an annoying way, and possessed of excellent diction). Caller ID on my phone's delivery app confirmed the name, though I had to look it up again just now. He didn't recognize me, though to be fair, we've both changed a lot.
I see my reign as secretary overlord hasn’t yet ended!
Greetings and felicitations. I'm an old member and am wondering if there are any librarians here over the summer. In specific, I'm wondering if the club still has a copy of _Circuit_ by Melinda Snodgrass, as I'd like to borrow it. (It's not available via the regional library consortium, C/WMARS.)
Matty Paine! Contact UMSFS and let them know when you would like to stop by. they still are a lending library, they just moved down by the Collegian/WMUA.
Does anyone still use this?
Greetings Umass Science Fiction Society! I thought many of you would appreciate knowing that the multi-award winning documentary Chesley Bonestell: A Brush With The Future - the only film made about "The Father of Space Art" - will be playing at the Somerville Theatre in Davis Square on Saturday, February 16th at 3PM! You can purchase tickets for this "Official Selection" of the 2019 Boston Science Fiction Festival through their website. Here is a link to the film's trailer! We hope to see you there!
Let's also congratulate our own Suzanne Palmer, an alum and, I believe, past president of UMSFS on her Hugo award at this year's World SF Convention for her novelette "The Secret Life of Bots." You do us proud.
I'm home froma great long weekend in Amherst. I enjoyed dropping in at the UMSFS room in the Campus Center and meeting some of you who were there on Friday. I am always cheered to know that our club is still active after all these years.
The fifty-fifth anniversary of UMSFS's founding is next year (22 April 2019). Anyone want to get together and celebrate?