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Ohio University Electronic Music Club The Ohio University Electronic Music Vlub is for those who enjoy listening to, making, mixing, or getting wild to electronic music. Meetings are every Wednesday from 9-11pm in Morton 237.

We discuss event planning and promotion, music production, speaker building, lasers, graphics, and whatever you want to bring to the club. Each quarter the OU EMC releases a sampler CD of original productions. Submit your tracks at the meeting or upload and provide a link. Submissions must be 16bit/44.1kHz for upload onto the group's site: ouemc.bandcamp.com.

Payment Options:   Cash

Price Range: £

Attire: Casual

Operating as usual


Anyone looking to buy a Numark Mixtrack controller and a Numark DJ I/O external soundcard? Both are in great quality.


we recently acquired another contract from University Program Council for a job on November 29th. I will be meeting with them at the venue on tuesday of next week anyone who would like to join can join. I will let you know what time but we will be playing at Pigskin Bar uptown on NOVEMBER 29TH so we have a very short time for planning. Anyone who would like to dj at this event must come to the planning meeting at pigskin on tuesday


I apologize greatly for not attending last nights meeting. However a couple things need to be organized for tomorrow nights show.
1) sam simpson are you bringing your speakers?
2) we will be using the battle set up like we have previously for smooth transitioning between dj's
3) Reminder for Bret that our show is tomorrow
4) 18+ show. under 21 3$ over 21 free
5) all dj's must be set up and ready at least 30 minutes before their scheduled set.


Meeting tonight at 9pm in morton! if you have a set of PA speakers and are willing to let the club use them, come ready to discuss. We have another midnight meltdown event on this coming saturday and the speakers that are built in are just not cutting it anymore.


I appologize, but i forgot to make an announcement at the meeting this week. but we are djing at planet ping tonight from 9-12 so if you want to come and spin a few tracks or you just want to come and enjoy the events, come on out! we are setting up at 815.


mix submissions are due tomorrow at 11pm!by the end of the meeting so get your mixes in or you cannot play at the show!


ATTENTION ALL Ohio University Electronic Music Club members!
If you would like to spin at this show AND YOU HAVE PAID YOUR DUES. Please submit a 20 minute audition mix. You should record the mix and upload to ONLY SOUNDCLOUD or MIXCLOUD. please then post the link on this page, OR send the link to Gerret McWhorter in a private message. If you submit and have not paid your dues (I have a record of paid dues) you will not be considered for a spot at his show. There are only TWO spots left for this show so make sure that your mixes are top notch! Your mix should reflect the style of music that you will be playing at the show if selected. This DOES NOT mean that you have to play the songs that you submit but you are more that welcome to. Please have all audition mixes in by wednesday October 17th at 11pm. the results will be announced the night of the following meeting on wednesday October 24th. If you would like to be considered. You must attend the next three meetings. If you have any questions, you may message me or Sam Simpson. GOOD LUCK!


UPDATE!!!!! My (Gerret McWhorter) 21st birthday is coming up on November 7th. I have secured the Basement of Red Brick for friday november 9th for a dance party sponsored by our club. We will be talking about it at the meeting but we will have 3 people play from the club a guest that will be determined by the end of the week. Be thinking who wants to play for an hour at this show. We need to bring A LOT of people because this gig is basically an audition for a more permanent at which we would get payed to put on shows like dave rave. Please have ideas ready for the meeting on wednesday.
VP Gerret McWhorter


sorry for the confusion but the event was cancelled today. i know it is late but that was the news that i got not too long ago


Just a reminder to all Ohio University Electronic Music Club or Ohio University Electronic Music Collective member, we will be playing music for the Two Shoe Tuesday Event tomorrow to be held at Scrips Amphitheater. The event does not start until 5pm HOWEVER, PLEASE COME TO HELP SET UP STARTING AT 4PM. There will be free food and games for all students including you! Come out for a chance to spin and meet lots of new people.


Ohio University Electronic Music Club is TAKING OVER ATHENS! Check out back to back to back OU EMC DJ's performing tomorrow night at Dave Rave at the Union bar and grill starting at 10pm


lots more exciting things happening with the EMC coming up. Lets make a statement!


we will also be talking about some changes that will come into effect for the club this year. There was a lot of talk about making the club strictly production last year. Instead, we will discuss where the club should go from here. Whether a separation from the "collective" is in order or whether we can work it out. but there will be changes


Meeting dates and time have been set! we will be Morton 235, 9pm-11pm. See you then! we need a quorum to vote and nominate officers for the upcoming school year. SO EVERYONE SHOULD COME!! we have a lot of exciting things to talk about. I have booked at least 13 shows so far this year for the club and am looking forward to everyone getting an opportunity! big year for EMC!


last night went off without a hitch! thanks to all the came out! we will have more events like this in the future so come out and have a dance party with us!


Really excited to see what this yea brings! We will be djing for the freshmen party at ping this year sponsored by ohio university! it is also for upperclassmen so come on out for a welcome back party!


hey guys. We haven't posted at all this summer yet but we are going to have a big year this year. If you are a student at ohio university and you are going to be there the saturday night before classes start, stop over at ping center. A couple of us will be throwing down some songs and sick beats to dance to... kyle and gerret will be playing from 8-midnight so come on out for some lasergasms and strobe seizures .... show OU what you are mad of guys! see you then!


some of you may have noticed a notification that said that this page was unpublished earlier today... disregard this post. we will be running both this page as well as Facebook.com/emc until EVERYONE likes the other page. so please go to our new page and like it. as soon as the new one as as many likes as this page. we will be taking it down if that is in the best interest of the group

HEY YOU! Glad I got your attention. We have a new page. This is basically your final warning before I send you a persona...
Ohio University Electronic Music Collective

HEY YOU! Glad I got your attention. We have a new page. This is basically your final warning before I send you a personal message. Go 'like' it immediately...or else.......www.facebook.com/OUEMC

Ohio University's group for student DJs, producers, and general electronic music enthusiasts.


The speakers will NOT be pumping for the first part of the meeting tonight. We will be laying down the foundation of our club by making a mission statement and an Organization description to turn in to student services. So come prepared to do some work tonight. As soon as we get the "Business" out of the way we can get back to what we do best.


Did a lot of planning for a new event planned to run 10 hours on South Beach. Similar to ACRN's Lobsterfest and the Number Fests (9Fest), we plan to bring our electronic music to the outdoors and appeal to a diverse group of people. We're looking to go beyond the limited commercial feel of the bars and to create an environment similar to the huge music festivals you're all familiar with. We have all the tools; we just need to pull our forces together and go big. Promotion Promotion Promotion


MEETING TONIGHT EVERYONE! same place same time. Morton 237 at 9pm




If you want to spin next Thursday, it would be wise of you to come to the meeting tonight. Morton 237, 9pm-11pm.


Come hang with the club tomorrow night either at The Union for the 'Dave Rave DJ Showcase' or at Casa. We have club DJ's spinning at both locations. Represent!


Just a reminder that all submissions for the Winter 2012 sampler are due this Wednesday, February 1st. Bring a 44.1 kHz, 320Kbps file of the tracks you want considered for the sampler CD. We will hopefully be ready to distribute these in 2 weeks.


yea athens! thanks for making the show last night the hottest dance party in athens! cannot wait to be back next month with some more dancing! sample cd coming out soon. keep an eye out on this page for more information


Tomorrow night's setlist is up! Check it out!


today we challenge all of you to go like some of our local dj pages. Visit play it again sam, Dj Garth Vader, Dj oros, voltage, and dj pro bono. and like our pages. Lets go fans


if you want to play at the party on thursday you must be there tomorrow for the meeting. I (gerret) will be there more towards the second half of the meeting but will be there. I am playing at 1240. But we need 5 more dj's i will be playing French house/house. We need dj's for the following time slots: 10pm 1040pm 1120pm 12am and 120am get your 40 minute mixes ready?


so right now... it looks as though unless we want to do shows on thursdays, red brick is out. they want 100 dollars for rental on the weekends but free on the weekdays.. i am looking at casa we will see what happens


The people from redbrick did not call me back so the show this weekend is a no go. i am in contact with someone from casa to see about the 21st for the show. I (Gerret) might be a little late for the meeting tomorrow but i will et you all know when I get details.


63 S Green Dr
Athens, OH

http://soundcloud.com/play_it_again_sam http://soundcloud.com/dj-reyo http://soundcloud.com/andrew-logan http://soundcloud.com/bright-morningstar http://soundcloud.com/daveravefm http://soundcloud.com/elbretto http://soundcloud.com/King_John_III http://soundcloud.com/rex-kalibur

General information

2013 Officers: President: Sam Simpson Vice President/Treasurer: Gerret McWhorter


(614) 530-1040


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