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Christus Victor Lutheran Church and Student Center Welcome! We are a Lutheran congregation (LCMS) serving students and non-students located in the midst of the University of Georgia campus.

As a student center and congregation, we at Christus Victor live in Christ's victory and we hope you can join us in that celebration and share it with our community and world. We worship each Sunday at 8:00 and 10:45 am with a Christian Education hour beginning at 9:30 am. We also offer many midweek activities including student fellowship, Bible studies and worship. We encourage you to look at our various opportunities at our website and invite you to join us as you are able. God's blessings to you!

Mission: Baptized into Christ, we are Growing together in Christ, Reaching out with Christ, and Developing Leaders for Christ

Hey #UGA22, join us for our Sunday morning worship service this week! We can't wait to welcome you on to campus!

Hey #UGA22, join us for our Sunday morning worship service this week! We can't wait to welcome you on to campus!

July Updates -
July Updates

July Updates -

It is an exciting time of year at Christus Victor. We rejoice in the students returning to campus and the opportunity to connect, partner, and grow together with new and old students. It is a joy to serve on campus even as we serve in the greater Athens area and beyond. As the new opportunities aris...

February Newsletter, Christus Victor Lutheran Church -
February Newsletter, Christus Victor Lutheran Church

February Newsletter, Christus Victor Lutheran Church -

Sunday evenings at 7:00 p.m. we have a contemporary worship service. This service is a service of the Word that focuses on a specific theme or book of the Bible. This semester we will study the Gospel according to Mark. Dinner before is at 6 p.m.


It is the night our Lord was abandoned by his disciples. It is a painful reality to deal with; it is the reality not only of the twelve, but also of all of us. Yet in the face of our desertion, our Lord did not desert the disciples nor does he desert us. He leaves us with the gift of the Lord’s Supper as he continues to join us to him and the family of faith. He restores us and nourishes us for the journey. What great self-giving love our God has lavished upon us indeed.

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As a reminder there will be a Financial Peace University Preview Class this Thursday, January 5th at 6:30 at Christus Victor. It will be about 30 minutes and an excellent opportunity to learn all the benefits this class can offer! No commitment is required. Here is a video to get you started.

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Rejoice in the cloud of witnesses and the author and perfecter of our faith. Be part of that cloud of witnesses as we enjoy life together encouraging one another all the more as the Day is drawing near. (Hebrews 10-12) By the way, a few opportunities for that beyond Sunday morning: Students don't forget Newtheran Nights Wednesdays (yes, tonight) at 7pm; Grad and Young Adults: Tuesday nights; Everyone Life 173 begins this Sunday August 21 at 7pm.


Colossians 1:24-29 talks about the riches of the glory of this mystery which is Christ in you. Have you thought about what that looks like and means in your life? Forgiveness, meaning, life… There is a lot there. Soak in the riches today and enjoy growing in all that those riches entail throughout your life of faith.


Do you have neighbors? In your apartment complex or subdivision? In the office or at the gym? Are you a neighbor or just proximal to these people? Reflect on how God became your neighbor in the incarnation. Rejoice in what that meant as he helped you in your needs and gave you life. And reflect anew on how you, forgiven and renewed in Christ, can be more than a person who is proximal; reflect how you can be truly a neighbor. Luke 10:25-37


As we celebrate Independence Day this weekend, we can look out in our country and see potential. There are countless people mired in the brokenness of sin struggling to have hope. Hope has come in the life Jesus has won for us and all people on the cross. We know the words from Luke “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” Pray too that you see the opportunities that stand before you and that you would be empowered by His Spirit to share true hope in and through your words and deeds.


We hear in Luke 9:51 that Jesus set his face toward Jerusalem. Jesus’s call is not easy. It takes him to the cross; it takes us to the cross. Nonetheless, it is good. Rejoice in the opportunities to serve as you follow Jesus. He has redeemed you to live for others. He has redeemed you for true life. Rejoice in the difficult but joyous call and follow Jesus!


Happy Father’s Day! We rejoice in our heavenly Father today who has sent his Son to prepare us to go out. God has acted for us in major ways; he heals us and restores us to our right mind. Go out into your daily lives and tell how much God has done for you! Luke 8:26-39


A primer on a forgiven life: You make a mistake and sin. Someone or the mirror calls you on it. Rather than make excuses, you admit you are wrong and repent. God forgives you. You begin anew. Rejoice in forgiveness. Give up the excuses, deal with the consequences, and start fresh again in God’s grace for you! 2 Samuel 11-12.


Just a quick reminder: Malachi at 6:30 tonight!


In 1 Kings 17:17-24 we hear that the son of the widow who took Elijah in has died. Elijah speaks plainly to God. He calls it like he sees it. He knows it just isn’t right! Then he prays that God would change things. Do you pray so boldly? Be willing to call a thing what it is; know the God who desires things to be right, even sending his Son to die and make them right; and rejoice in the God who answers your prayer even when the answer is “that is not the best course of action for me take.”

Please join us this evening for a congregation-wide trivia night! It will be at Christus Victor from 7-9pm. We are askin...
Trivia Night Sign-Ups

Please join us this evening for a congregation-wide trivia night! It will be at Christus Victor from 7-9pm. We are asking for $20/team with 4 people max/team. Funds will go to the Cottage which assists women and children who are victims of sexual and domestic assault. If you have not yet done so, please sign up on the Google doc below or email Abbey at [email protected]. We hope to see you tonight!

Sheet1 Team 1, Golden Oldies, Squad, The Einstiens, Let' s Get Quizzical, Team 6, Team 7, Team 8, Team 9, Team 10 Laura Shipman, Millie Gardner, Justin Ebert, Logan Jahnke, Abbey Miner, Ruth Schade, Feel free to rename your Team# to a creative name! Megan Grandin, Bob Gardner, Sam Weeks, Bran...


Join us on Saturday, April 16 from 3-7pm as Bob and Millie Gardner host our Spring Picnic!

The Gardners will host us at Thompson Farm, 1505 Morton Road, Athens, GA 30605. Come for fishing, kayaking or bring your own tennis equipment or yard games! We will plan to eat around 5 pm. Meat and beverages provided. Come for any or all that you can!

Please sign-up at and let us know you are coming and indicate if you are able to bring anything. We hope you can come!


As the sun goes down, we remember the transition from the darkness of sin and death to the light of Christ and his resurrection. Our Easter Vigil service starts at 8:30pm. Due to the weather we will start in the porch area and not outside by a fire. I hope you can join us for this joyous reflection on the resurrection!


We reflect upon our Lord's suffering and death this day as we consider His great love for us. If you are in town, we hope you can join us for our Good Friday tenebrae service at 7pm. If you cannot, we pray you take time to remember His sacrifice this day as we rejoice in the life it brings.


On this Maundy Thursday, we remember the night when our Lord was betrayed as he moved ever closer to the cross for us. But tonight we do not only look back, our Lord also directs us forward calling us to love and pointing us to the restoration that is to come at the marriage feast of the Lamb. Come look back and forward with us as we worship tonight at 7pm.


Merry Christmas! The Word has become flesh and dwelt among us. He reveals the way our God thinks and acts. May his love for you continue to shape you so that your words and deeds would reflect his image! And if you are in town, we hope to see you for our Christmas Day Festival Service at 10:45am as we celebrate the heavenly Father's gift with our Christian family!


Join us for our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service of Lessons and Carols tonight at 7pm if you are in town. If you are distant, may the angels' news of the Lord's birth ring out in your life and through your life into the community you serve!


John the Baptist calls us to repentance. Repentance is painful. But repentance is good. As you are prepared by the Word, what areas does God call for repentance in your life? How are you being prepared for the hope to come?


In our midweek services, we are considering the preparation of our whole selves. Today we begin by considering our bodies. Yes, our hope includes the restoration of our bodies. How might you present your body as a living sacrifice as you await the redemption of your body? --Romans12:1-2


During this season of preparation, we give thanks that we are prepared first by our king. The righteous branch has come to make us righteous. This Advent, remember you are prepared by the Lord who comes! --Jeremiah 33:14-16


On this last Sunday of the church year, we give thanks in the joy of our king. He has acted! Because of him, because of his power, because of his promises we look forward to the end with confidence and hope! --Psalm 93


As the end of the church year approaches, we face the reality of many voices talking about the end and raising concerns. It is easy to get distracted by fear and the unknown. Jesus speaks clearly: Look at me! Don't be confused by all of that stuff! Loot at me! Look at the cross and the empty tomb!


Happy All Saints' Day! We give thanks for all those who have gone before us in the faith and the witness they bore. May the Spirit give us wisdom and strength to continue that witness in our lives.


Happy Reformation Day! May the freeness of God's grace through faith in Christ Jesus give you joy this day!


Pray for one another and share with your brothers and sisters in Christ so that they may be able to pray for you. (James 5:13-20)


The disciples didn’t understand the saying and were afraid to ask. (Mark 9:32) How easy for that to be the case. When our ideas or our society’s ideas are different than what Jesus teaches, we are often afraid to ask. It is easier to close our ears and pretend we didn’t hear than to ask. Thankfully Jesus kept teaching the disciples. Thankfully he continues to teach us. Let us grow in our understanding as we listen to what he has to say.


“But the Lord GOD helps me.” (Isaiah 50:7a,9a) That promise was good for Israel; it is good for the new Israel. Live in the confidence of God’s faithful help even in the midst of all life’s weariness.


Jesus made the deaf hear and the dumb speak. He healed people and it was good. We confess that Jesus will come again to restore all things; it will be good as at the creation. Now, if God demonstrates a desire for wholeness and goodness at the beginning, middle, and end, what might that teach us about his desire for us and about his desire for our engagement with the broken world?


Junk food might taste good, but it makes you fat and unhealthy. How easy to fill up on junk in the church, as we hear in Mark 7:1-23, and fail to see and be nourished by the good food of Jesus. True life comes from this food. May the Church always focus on serving a healthy diet of Jesus.


Marriage is about Christ and the Church. It is a window into Christ, the groom, and his sacrificial love for His Bride, the Church. May our marriages reflect the Gospel and remind us all of Christ’s love. May we, the Church, live under that love all our days. (Ephesians 5:22-33)


Christ has shone on you. You are light in the LORD. Has that reality sunk in? It is not an optional thing. It is who the child of God is. How does that affect your perspective on your actions and life decisions? Paul says it clearly, “walk as children of the light.” Be who God has made you to be! (Ephesians 5:6-21)


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