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Hi, I am posting here a version of the Introduction to my unpublished book, "The Journey of the Soul". This version is written more for a recording than to be read, but i feel to post it. I finished writing this book in August 2019. I hope it leads you to ponder.

There is presently great uncertainty on the planet and few people are prepared for the changes that are upon us.
Structures that we have depended on in the past are breaking down.
What used to be reliable is no longer dependable.
These structures are breaking down because they are no longer working for us. They are not serving the needs of humanity or of the environment we live in anymore.
Our life on planet Earth has experienced a profound change in that we are now in the Aquarian Age. This means that behind everything that is happening is influenced by the archetype of Aquarius.
We will briefly look at the values of Aquarius. Love, Brotherhood, Unity, Justice, Harmony, Care for the Environment, and Integrity. These values are significant and are going to have to be faced both individually and collectively.
The planet Uranus rules Aquarius and it is about freedom, revolutionary vision, the urge to let go of the old and rebuild into a new era. It is also involved with intellectual achievements and studies, electricity, and astrology. Electricity works quickly and suddenly to ignite new possibilities.
This means that we are on the cusp of a lot of change and probably unexpected change.
My question to you then is, are you ready for a lot of quick and sudden changes?
And, are you willing to be part of the team that ignites the new?

I believe that the Divine spark is what we are looking for during this period of disintegration and renewal.
To support ourselves through this process of disintegration we need to go beyond the tensions of life and re-attune to the Divine spark; that life within us that supports us.
The dawn of a new creation is a daily event. It’s hard work and requires discipline. But a new creation always carries with a profound joy.

Given the fact that old structures are breaking down suggests
1. That we are on the threshold of a new beginning
2. Whenever structures are breaking down, there is decay. Its ugly, and its messy.
3. But the mess of decay becomes fertilizer or humus for new life.
4. That means that this is an immensely creative period in history.
5. From humanities perspective this is not an easy period of time to live in.
But from the perspective of Spirit this is a time of plenty for those who are
seeking. Never before has there been so much energy as opportunity for
personal and spiritual growth.
6. The questions that need to be pondered are; How are you using your creative impulses? Are you in touch with the pulse of the universe at this time? We are at the dawn of a new creation, a new aeon.
7. The breakdown we are experiencing, and the creative potential that is available to us, are the activity of the universal soul.

We are all part of a Collective Soul.
If I may, I’d like to challenge the paradigm of the soul. I believe that
you do not have an individual soul, but that you are part of “The Soul”.
It may not be an individual thing we are talking about here. We are all intimately connected. An individual soul may be an illusion given us by the ego. As you go up the chakras (the energy centers of the body) you will experience less the control of the ego and more the mystical experiences of our participation in the collective. Through this experience, you do, however, have a unique personality that utilizes the collective, universal soul.
Evidence of a collective soul is that we are often touched by gestures that come from others. Compassion, friendship, love, and joy are infectious and nurture our lives. These are deep feeling emotions that give us a sense of trust and meaning.
We feel care and compassion for people of other races, religions, and cultures. At the very heart we know that we are not separate from others.
In fact, the misfortunes of others affect us.
Misfortunes are collective experiences.
We know this from within ourselves.
We are deeply disturbed by destructive actions that others perform.
We all know from within that corruption and terrorism are wrong. In fact, the whole world responds when these things happen.
Offenses of humanity against humanity and nature bother us!
Climate change is a global concern. We are experiencing the phenomenon of collective concern.
We human beings are now dependent on each other for survival.
This is a very Aquarian thought.

From the mind of the collective soul we are one people on this planet.
We are humanity.
Unless you have rationalized it away, you know and feel that you belong to a
collective soul.

The Essence of the Soul
My book speaks to the attributes and essence of the soul, which are the virtues.
The soul in turn is an attribute of the Divine.
Yet these same attributes dwell within us. In this manner the soul is a hologram. It is a hologram because we are all made of the same Divine Light that reflects the virtues.
The essence of the soul is Pure Light. It is also intelligence.

With this course I present ways to connect with the soul and its purpose.
Through the Soul, Divinity is brought into chronological time and space and resides within us.
As a connector to Divinity it balances our lives bringing direction, healing, and peace.

You are a Sanctuary of the Soul
You and I are sanctuaries for the soul, and what we do with our lives does makes a difference.
Presence and awareness are two keys to experiencing the soul’s wisdom.
If you are attuned, you will experience that the soul is always working through
you toward peace and harmony.
Connecting with the soul helps us connect the pieces of life as they come to us. It puts our experiences of life into a comprehensive whole.
As such, the soul is the bringer of sanity during times of change.
If you want sanity during times of violence and change, practice the virtues. The virtues always restore us back to our humanity. You do not have to change the world, just do your part. Being your authentic self is what sustains you and life around you.
Sometimes (when situations are dangerous or grave) the most we can do is stay out of the situation, but pray for others, keeping an open heart for them. Then we do not lose our own sense of humanity. That is sanity. Just do your best to not close your heart to planet Earth and its living beings.
When the soul is activated within you, it uses your imagination to teach you how-to live-in harmony. Prayer is using the imagination to establish a virtue or a good outcome. Any virtue is a good outcome.
The soul empowers us, and the imagination is one of its empowering vehicles. When the imagination is used correctly it is a powerful tool. When we use the imagination correctly, we often receive guidance and clarity for our everyday lives.
What is the correct use of the imagination? Keep it positive.

I believe that people who are spiritually healthy walk through life being attentive to the soul.
1. But, to walk soulfully you need to desire to know who you are authentically.
2. It is wise to consider the question, what does your life-path or calling look like from the perspective of the Divine? Are you seeking to know your Divine calling?
3. To walk soulfully is to experience your inner-being and its desired response to the world.

This course is from my life long experience, reflection, and study and expressed through a pondering belief in the collective soul.
At the same time, I believe that many parts of this book were inspired from a Higher Presence, as I was often awakened in the early hours with the expressed command to write.

Gary German, PhD

Gary German, PhD

We are always brushing up with or even against our authentic selves, therefore, learning when and how we are doing that is vital for spiritual growth and happiness. Your spiritual growth and happiness matters. The key is the soul. When we identify with what the soul is, its purpose, and how to work with and through it we literally have the keys to ours and others happiness.


We are always brushing up with or even against our authentic selves, therefore, learning when and how we are doing that is vital for spiritual growth and happiness. Your spiritual growth and happiness matters. The key is the soul. When we identify with what the soul is, its purpose, and how to work with and through it we literally have the keys to ours and others happiness.

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Gary German, PhD

Gary German, PhD


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