ADHD College Success Guidance Program

ADHD College Success Guidance Program College readiness assessment, training and guidance for students with ADHD. How our method works

ADHD created problems for you in high school; it can create problems now in college.

We have studied and isolated these problems, developed principles for solving them, and created a method that teaches these Principles. Many of these ideas aren’t new. What is unique is how we tailor them for the way people with ADHD integrate information; how they learn. Students leave the program with the Principles firmly incorporated and they prove again and again that they work. Our program teaches students how to bring themselves into a dynamic state of high motivation and manage their lives there so that they don’t drop into the abyss of chaos. Students incorporate our 10 proven Principles which are simple to learn, easy to integrate, straightforward to use, and effortless to remember. We teach the Principles in a 3-day intensive residential workshop that we hold monthly. The training addresses many issues you will need to master to be successful in college, including:

Anxiety and stress management

Self monitoring

Empowering your creativity

Balancing college life demands

Maintaining your focus, health, and energy

Learning how to recover all of these when you lose them (it happens a lot in college!)

Initial Consultation
The Initial Consultation is an informal meeting conducted in our Fairfax, VA office, during which we learn about your academic background, what’s been getting in the way of your success, and most importantly, what you want to accomplish in college. We discuss the ADHD College Success Guidance Program more fully and jointly decide whether it will provide the assistance you are looking for. If you don’t live or attend college in the greater Washington area, we can make arrangements to handle this by skype or phone. Our Assessment Process

Our core philosophy – AD/HD affects everyone differently and our individual experiences and histories are unique – guides us from the very beginning of our assessment process. Following our initial evaluation meeting, we conduct an in-depth clinical review of relevant records such as testing data and reports, and then schedule an interview meeting with the participant and others he deems important to this process. Ideally, the interview involves input from parents as well as the student. During the interview meeting, we administer executive functioning assessments, such as the LASSI (Learning and Study Strategies Inventory Student Report) and the Barkley BDEFS (Deficits in Executive Functioning Scale), to determine participants strengths and areas of potential challenge. Next, the participant completes a self-report inventory, which indicates behavioral aspects of college readiness, such as the student’s self-advocacy skills, relevant life skills, and capacity to function independently. A comprehensive compilation of all this information yields a broad view of areas that need attention and preparation and can indicate a relative level of college readiness. This information, combined with the staff clinical impressions and participant input is used to begin the process of developing a student ”plan of action” which includes goals and direction. This Plan of Action serves as the blueprint guiding both the participant and our staff throughout training and campus-based follow-up. College Readiness Training

What our training does:

Students are immersed in and learn the proven Principals of Success that have guided ADHD college students to success for over 25 years. Including:
life organization and balance,
stress and emotional management,
self advocacy,
problem- solving ,
self monitoring,
academic beliefs and self concept
and many other related aspects of ADHD and executive functioning. Students do the work of removing lingering obstacles to their success. They develop a plan of action which builds on their strengths and alerts them to potential problem areas. Students connect with a College Guide/mentor who will continue to work with them on this plan once they reach college. We accomplish all of this in only 3 days! Cloistered in the woodland beauty of our mountainside 40 acre retreat center, students quickly begin to focus inward and open themselves to rapidly learning and integrating the Principals of Success. They leave the Training energized, focused, and well-equipped to do the hard work that college will demand. For students from outside the Greater Washington DC area

Because we are a residential training, we can lodge out of town participants. And we can schedule your Assessment immediately prior to the training event.

Operating as usual

Shout out to all my coaching clients:

Shout out to all my coaching clients:

Shout out to all my coaching clients:

Good idea!

Good idea!

Good idea!
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Hang in there, everyone.....this is almost OVER.

Hang in there, everyone.....this is almost OVER.

Hang in there, everyone.....this is almost OVER.

An awesome summer opportunity!

An awesome summer opportunity!

An awesome summer opportunity!

Now is the time to embark on the journey of academic/life coaching - it's still early in the semester.  Find out more!ht...
ADHD College Success Guidance Program | Academic Coaches

Now is the time to embark on the journey of academic/life coaching - it's still early in the semester. Find out more!

Pam Barton, Director of Student Services, Pam Barton joined the ADHD College Success Guidance program in 2013 and has played a substantial role in developing and building upon the workshop format in the workshops. With her BA in Fine Art from Pepperdine University, she has led participants to exempl...


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