NAfME (MENC) NAfME (DSU Chapter) The DSU Chapter of NAfME is a student led organization that enables aspiring professionals to gain hands-on experience in the arts.

Not only are students able to learn more about music itself, but they are also given many opportunities to acquire leadership skills necessary for professional development.

Mission: "The mission of the National Association for Music Education is to advance music education by encouraging the study and making of music by all."

Operating as usual




No meeting today! Have a happy thanksgiving! :)


Hey all! Great work this weekend at Northern Plains! :) we all worked hard and you all deserve a pat on the back!! Thank you for committing your time and energy into this very long weekend and I hope you had fun in the process.
With the flurry activities today, I forgot to mention to some of you that we do have a community concert tomorrow at 7:30 pm at the dsu auditorium. Make some goodies and meet at around 6:45!! Thanks guy and your awesome!!!


Just a reminder: Instead of a meeting let's meet at the Student Center Ballroom for the Carnival! Come help us set up our "Circle of Fifths" cupcake walk and have some fun :) see you at 4!


Hey everybody! All you girls helping at the chili cook-off today, wear some dsu apparel, let's show some team spirit! :) we will meet at the BAC somewhere between 12:45-1:00!!


Hey guys! Don't forget about our dinner tonight- 6:00 at Players. Bring hilltop theme ideas, officer nominations, and any other ideas and recommendations for the group!


Happy "end of the semester" everyone! I hope everyone's finals are going well. Just a reminder since we didn't have a meeting this week: we have our dinner at 6 pm on Thursday at Players and on Friday we have oir very last community concert at there at 6:45pm if you can make it. I know some of you will be gone by then, but if you are still in town come join us and we will have some fun! Thanks for a great year and all the hard work you have put into our chapter of NAfME! :)


Hey Everybody! Dr. Burns would like to know if it would work for everyone if she did her presentation about her trip to Africa at noon on Friday since we don't have P-lab this week. I know that there are a few of you that have class or have to work at this time, but will you all let Rachelle or Mariah know if you can be there or not by tomorrow afternoon? Either comment, post on the wall or text one of us (Rachelle= 290-8330)(Mariah=690-6617) Please try and make this presentation :) Thank you!


Hello NAfME Members!
This is just a reminder about the cake raffle at the womens/mens basketball games on this Saturday, February 23. Please bring one or two cakes of your choice to the game (whatever you can manage!) . Our table is going to be in the main hallway. And also, can we get a definite answer on who is availiable to sit at the booth at this time, since most of us are in the pep band? Meet at the gym at 5 o'clock, the game is at 5:30! Any other questions just post on the wall or talk to Mariah or Rachelle. Thanks for a good semester so far guys!

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Hilltop scripting at Joel's today at 2:30. No pepband in case you didn't hear.


Okay everybody! The new semester is upon us and we already have things to plan. Tomorrow we should have at least a quick officer meeting after band. Will Mondays at 4:00 still be a good meeting time for you all?


CONGRATULATIONS NAfME MEMBERS on placing 1ST in DSU's 2012 HOMECOMING FESTIVITIES!!!!! Thank you for all of the hard work, dedication, and TIME! We did it!!!


Do we have to sign up for powder puff BEFORE we play or can we just show up? What are the other deets on Homecoming week?


Hello! Just a friendly reminder to everyone that's interesting in joining NAfME : the membership purchase invoices are due on Sept. 17th. Go to and create a new collegiate membership or renew your old one. The fee is only $32. When your done just print your invoice at the end and get them turned into Rachelle as soon as possible. If you have questions or troubles with the website just talk to Kayla, Rachelle or Mariah. Have a great weekend :)


Because we don't have school next monday (Sept. 3) we will NOT have a meeting. HOWEVER, we need to nominate a male and a female for homecoming court BEFORE Monday, Sept. 10. Can we meet for a quick minute next Wednesday, Sept. 5 at 4:00?


DON'T FORGET our first meeting of the year is TODAY at 4:00 in the choir room :)


Hey kids, the annual clubs & organization fair is TOMORROW (8.23.12) from 11-1 in the Student Center Lobby. My apologies for being such short notice...but if you are available to sit at our table and visit with potential members, that would be AMAZING! I can be there to set up at 10:45 but I have class from 11:30-2:15 so unfortunately I will not be able to attend the whole thing. Please let me know if you can help out. I will ask you all in choir :) Have wonderful Wednesday classes!!!


Hello friends! I know that this is early, thus your schedules are probably not totally solidified...but what days/times are you all available to meet for our regular MENC (yes, I referred to it as MENC...and probably will most of the jk :) ) Shoot me a facebook message (to my page...or this one) or holler at me in the hallway, or text me. Whatevs works just want to get us on the same page.


Just a quick reminder: the NAfME meeting today is just for current and future cabinet members. Congratulations again to Kayla, next year's president; Mariah, next year's vice president; and Rachelle, next year's secretary/treasurer! See you three at 5:30 p.m.


Please remember to post about when you'd like to have the end-of-the-year party! We should celebrate our accomplishments. :) Three words: ice cream cake.


Congratulations, NAfME members! This year's Hilltop Holiday was a great success, all thanks to you! 160 attendees!!!


Hello, everyone! Just a friendly reminder: Dress Rehearsal for Hilltop is TOMORROW at 7:30 p.m. If you are involved in NAfME you are required to attend to get production assignments for the performance on Friday. Please come early- 7 if possible. Thank you for all you do- our hard work is paying off, and this year's show is going to be great! See you there.


Hello, everyone! The Hilltop Posters are here! I will be in the music department this afternoon. Please, pick up at least 5 posters to be put up around town (not on campus) as soon as possible. Thanks!


Just a quick reminder, we have auditions tonight for Hilltop Holiday! It's from 6 to 8 tonight and 3 to 5 tomorrow. See you guys there!


Hello, everyone! Please, send me your membership ID # as soon as you get a chance. Also, thanks to all of you who helped out with the community concert this last weekend!


Hello, everyone! Just a quick reminder: we have a meeting tomorrow afternoon at 5:30 in the Tech. Lab. We'll be talking about Hilltop, so come with your creative caps on!


Hello, everyone! Please, if you have not done so already, email Charlie with possible times you can meet during the week. We have a lot of great stuff planned for this semester, so the sooner we can get things going the better! You can also post available times on the wall here, if you like!

We're aiming for one evening a week, so let's work together to make it happen.




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General information

NAfME is involved in several major events throughout the year (Northern Plains in the Fall Semester and the Hilltop Holiday variety show in the Spring Semester) as well as engaging in public service (such as providing refreshments for community concerts) and attending special events (such as annual conferences and guest presentations). NAfME officers, Spring 2013: President: Mariah Wilz Vice President: Rachelle Bliss Secretary: Kali Schock Treasurer: Damon Fichter Advisor: Dr. Carolyn Burns


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