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Ink Slingers of Flagler College A Creative Writing club that is open to all genres and all walks of life. We provide a stress-free environment to all of the storytellers of Flagler.

Whether you love reading books or writing them, the Ink Slingers is the club for you. Our passion for literature inspires us every day to continue creating beautiful poetry and fantastic worlds. Want to get critiqued on your work in a safe and positive environment? Look no further. The Ink Slingers are here to help!

Attire: Casual


Blind Date with a Book (Day 2) is today in the Student Center from now until 2pm, so feel free stop by to purchase some great books!

Blind Date with a Book is going on right now! Feel free to stop by. :)

Blind Date with a Book is going on right now! Feel free to stop by. :)

Founder’s Day is this Wednesday, so feel free to come out to the West Lawn and visit our booth!

Founder’s Day is this Wednesday, so feel free to come out to the West Lawn and visit our booth!


I hope you all have had a good first week of classes. Our first club meeting will be tonight at 8:30pm in Student Center Room 213. I hope you all can make it! :)


The day of Club Fair has finally arrived! Be sure to stop by the Ink Slingers table to sign up for our club, or to learn more about what we do. Can’t wait to see you all there. :)


Hi everyone! Hope ya’ll are having a great summer. I just wanted to let everyone know that I have created an instagram page titled “fcinkslingers,” so feel free to follow the club on instagram! I will be posting events for the club on there during the school year, so stay tuned. :)

Thanks so much,
Hannah Garland


For those of you who don’t know, I am the new President of the Ink Slingers Club at Flagler. I could not be more thrilled to have this opportunity! If you are interested in joining the club or want to know more about it, please feel free to reach out to me via email (under “send email”) or contact me at 9044607636.

Thanks so much,
Hannah Garland


As a result of Hurricane Irma, we of course will not be meeting on Monday. Stay safe and happy writing till we see you again!

Ink Slingers of Flagler College's cover photo

Ink Slingers of Flagler College's cover photo


Get ready for fun tonight! We are having our first club meeting of the semester at 7 tonight in room 213 of the Student Center. We will be introducing ourselves and having pizza! Come join us tonight, we'd love to see you there


Hey there Ink Slingers! Thanks so much for everyone who came to visit our table at Club Night tonight. The executive board is very excited for this semester of the club; we have some amazing things planned for prompts, events, and meetings. If you missed us tonight, we were handing out popcorn prompts (or the beginnings of stories for writers to expand on). A few were left without writers claiming them, and no story should be left unwritten; that's where you come in! Choose a prompt below, write about it, see where it takes you, and maybe bring it to our first meeting of the semester on Monday, August 28 at 7 (room number to be announced later). Happy writing!

Popcorn Prompts:
"A flower? That's all you're giving me?"

He was enchanting, sitting on a rock in the middle of the lagoon, hair perfectly tousled from his fingers combing through the locks meticulously. Nary a hair was out of place. In fact, he looked to be perfect in every way.
Perfection, however, is unattainable, no matter how hard he tried. Each time he viewed his reflection in the mirror-like waters of the lake, something was always off.
Perfection was just out of his grasp.

He spotted her down the hall. Her slender, thin frame sliced through the crowd of students in the hallway. She was looking at him through her slim rimmed reading glasses. He turned and slammed into the football coach, towering above him. He couldn't let her catch him.


"No one is you and that is your power." -- unknown

Think of this as a mid week encouragement, a writing prompt, or both. Happy writing!


Come by Kenan plaza today 11-4 for Blind Date with a Book! All books are only $2 and the proceeds are going to Betty Griffin house. Come buy a book, invite friends, and have a happy Valentine's Day!


Today we honor Martin Luther King Jr. by cancelling classes and club meetings (including Ink Slingers), but that doesn't mean we have to stop writing. "I Have a Dream" is one of the most famous speeches in American history. But what character do you have, or new character, that needs to make a speech? What is it about? Who is it going to be delivered to and when? How prestigious will it be, or will it be forgotten? Happy writing!


This Friday, Flagler will be visited by Tikiz Food Truck, which will give a portion of the profit to Ink Slingers from 11-2. Please drop by, pick up a delicious meal, and support your favorite club!


I am excited to announce that we have sold ALL of our books at the "Blind Date with a Book" fundraiser! Thank you to everyone who purchased a book to enjoy while supporting Ink Slingers! Your contribution is greatly appreciated!


We hope that everyone is recovering quickly from Hurricane Matthew and that the new schedules and deadlines aren't too painful! Tomorrow we have yet another awesome meeting that will go over our second big event this semester along with news regarding the Flagler Follies and (as usual) plenty of time to read any new writing you'd like to share!

Pretty chill meeting this week. We're pretty much ready for Flagler Follies next week. Today, we did a writing prompt an...
Study music

Pretty chill meeting this week. We're pretty much ready for Flagler Follies next week. Today, we did a writing prompt and our members liked my playlist for studying/writing so I'm gonna post it here for anyone who needs good studying music. Next Monday is Columbus day so we will NOT have a meeting. Remember to support us at the Follies on October 13th at 8pm!


We had an awesome meeting this week and with every meeting comes a new writing prompt: You see a large metal door and open it. What's inside? Write a short story or poem about it and bring it in next week to share!


Happy Monday, Ink Slingers! We have our second meeting tonight at 7:00pm in room 213 in the Student Center. We have our first prompt of the year which is to write about your favorite scent along with other creative activities for our members!

With All Due Respect,


Ink Slingers of Flagler College's cover photo

Ink Slingers of Flagler College's cover photo

Ink Slingers of Flagler College

Ink Slingers of Flagler College


Hope everyone is having an easy first day of class! The job fair was pretty great. Free food, free stuff, and a chance to meet new people. Speaking of meeting new people, be sure to attend Club Night tonight where you'll have a chance to meet us and sign up for Ink Slingers! Read some of our own pieces and get a glimpse of what's to come this semester!


Hello fellow Ink Slingers!

Classes haven't even begun and there is already so much to do prepping for the upcoming semester. With a new semester comes new officers. My name is Sword and I am your new Vice President of the Ink Slingers club. I love this club and what it represents, welcoming writers from anywhere and everywhere to a safe place worth calling a second (or third) home. My co-officers and I are exceptionally excited to start the new year. We have new and exciting things to announce so stay updated to our posts on the page. If you have any questions or would like to know how to get more involved, don't hesitate to ask and I'll get back to you ASAP! Thanks for the support and see you on Club Night, August 25th

With All Due Respect

Flare: The Flagler Review

Flare: The Flagler Review

Good evening, everyone! We would like to invite you to the Inkslingers' Open Mic Night, Monday, April 11, at 7:00 pm in Jay's Place within the Ringhaver Student Center!

Come out and read, eat, listen, and support our local writers!

Flagler College Student Activities

Flagler College Student Activities

Its happening Tomorrow at 7pm! Flagler Follies is back again this year and will be better then ever! Come see your favorite clubs perform skits that will amuse and amaze! Arrive early if you want a good seat!

John Dufresne: Writing the Novel
John Dufresne: Writing the Novel

John Dufresne: Writing the Novel

Novelist, short story writer and creative writing professor John Dufresne will visit St. Augustine Oct. 3 for a one-day novel-writing workshop that will help participants prepare a full novel manuscript in six months. “Writing a novel,” Dufresne says, “is not as easy as you may have thought before y…

Found an old inkslinger stowaway. Good luck and have lots of fun this semester!

Found an old inkslinger stowaway. Good luck and have lots of fun this semester!

Flare: The Flagler Review

Flare: The Flagler Review

Get ready everybody!!! The new magazine is here and we are ready to share it with all of you!!! Don't miss the launch party Monday the 27th in the Markland House at 6:00pm. The FLARE staff is looking forward to showing you all of our hard work!

I'm so happy i got to meet you all over the course of my presidency. you are a great group of creative people and I will...

I'm so happy i got to meet you all over the course of my presidency. you are a great group of creative people and I will miss our meetings. I hope you all do well with the rest of this semester and with whatever the future holds.

Flare: The Flagler Review

Flare: The Flagler Review

come join us this Thursday in the Solarium!

Flare: The Flagler Review

Flare: The Flagler Review

Calling all current and former Saints! FLARE is accepting student submissions for our Spring 2015 online edition until February 27th! But why wait? SUBMIT NOW!


reminder that The Flagler review is currently seeking student submissions for all catagories. deadline is the 27th of February. get your work in now and it may be published on the website.


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