Macalester Public Observing Nights

Macalester Public Observing Nights Beginning on Monday, May 28th, Macalester College will host weekly summer public observing nights from 9:30pm-midnight using our own 16-inch rooftop telescope.

Hop on the shuttle as we explore the cosmos and ponder the infinite! The Macalester College observatory hosts regular public observing nights on our very own 16-inch rooftop telescope! Hop on the shuttle as we explore the cosmos and ponder the infinite. Weather permitting, potential targets include the Moon, planets, globular clusters, open clusters, galaxies, planetary nebulae, and binary star systems. In the case of bad weather, we can’t open the dome for observing; however, we’ll still be present to show the facility and answer questions. All are welcome! We’re obsessed with the cosmos and we could talk about it forever (roughly a Hubble time). Bring your friends, bring a date, or come alone! Find us in Olin Rice 404; take the southwest staircase or elevator to get up. Room 404 is accessible but the dome is only reachable by stairs. Hope to see you there! **Every Monday night throughout the fall 2017 semester from 8—11pm**



It’s a pre-finals MIRACLE!

It will be cold, but we’re opening up the telescope for what might be the last (😧) observing night of 2019! Stop by OLRI 404 from 8-11 tonight to look at some space stuff with us!

The dome is the same temperature as outside, so dress WARM.


Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Know what we here at Macalester Public Observing Nights are grateful for? Cloudy skies! (NOT)

Unfortunately we have another cloudy Monday night tonight, so we will not be opening up the telescope. We will be up in the observatory from 8-11 if you want to stop by and talk about astronomy though!


Hi folks! Unfortunately it looks like another cloudy night in St. Paul, so we will not be opening up the telescope for observing tonight. ☹️ Crossing our fingers for clear skies next week!


Oh no oh no the clouds came back :( no telescope tonight, sorry


THE SKY IS CLEAR!!! do you know what that means? We will be opening up the scope so come on by Olin Rice 404 (straight up that SouthWest stairwell, you know the drill) any time between 8 and 10 to look at space with us!


Unfortunately it looks cloudy again 😞 but stay tuned for a special observing nights announcement coming up!


Rats. Clouded out again. Sorry folks, looks like another cloudy night where we can’t open up the scope. As always, hope for next week!


Rain rain go away, come again some other day (that’s not a Monday)

Yep, you guessed it. It’s too cloudy/rainy and that means no observing tonight : ( try again next week! Hope for better weather!


Hello folks! With the on-and-off cloud cover, we likely won't be able to open up the dome for observing tonight ☹️ but if you have any lasting questions about the universe, our fearless guides will still be in room 404 from 8-11 PM!


Tonight looks good! It’s looking like clear skies tonight so come by the Macalester observatory (come up that southwest stairwell up to the fourth floor of Olin Rice) between 8:30 and 11 to explore with us!


I guess 2 weeks in a row would have been too lucky :(

Sorry folks, but it looks like it's going to be another cloudy one tonight. We will still be up in OLRI 404 if anyone wants to chat about the cosmos, but the telescope will stay closed for the night.


Hey! HEY!
It looks like the clouds are finally going to leave us alone and give us a CLEAR NIGHT! We will open up the telescope from 8-11pm tonight so run on up that Southwest stairwell of Olin-Rice straight up to the 4th floor to ✨explore the cosmos✨ with us!

Will we see YOU there?


Hey all,

clouds tonight so the telescope will be closed :( cross your fingers for a clear Monday at SOME POINT this semester.

We will still be up in OLRI 404 tonight from 8-11 so come up that South stairwell to the fourth floor if you want to chat about the cosmos!


April showers bring May flowers, but Monday night showers just bring canceled observing nights 😢.

We are back and ready to start Fall observing nights, but unfortunately the weather doesn't look like it will cooperate tonight. Join us on other, hopefully drier, Monday nights throughout the semester for some stellar observing!


Elizabeth Warren is coming to Macalester this evening! As cool as that is, it also means that all academic buildings will be locked - Olin Rice included. So, sadly, we can't open up even though the sky looks quite clear tonight.


Hey there, folks. Unfortunately the weather is bad once again, so I won't be opening up the telescope tonight.


Hey there, folks! Since the forecast seems mixed tonight, I'm not going to be opening up the telescope. However, I don't want to wait until next week for another session; we've already been defeated by the weather so much this summer! I'll post here again if another night this week promises good weather for observing.


Hey folks! There won't be an observing night this week - I'm flying out of town early tomorrow. Check back next week!


South doors are unlocked!


Hey there, everyone! It'll be a gorgeous night for observing tonight, so we're planning on opening around 9:20 or so for another public night!


Hello there, folks! Unfortunately, the forecast calls for storms tonight. This means that we won't be able to open the telescope. Hopefully the weather will be clear next Monday!


Hey there! There are some light clouds tonight, but nothing too bad. We'll be open to the public at 9:30 or so!


Hi everybody, due to the clouds and chance of showers we won't be opening the telescope up for observing tonight. Hopefully next week the weather will cooperate! 🌟🔭🌖


Hi folks, due to some technical difficulties, we must cut tonight's observing event short. We are very sorry about this. We should have the telescope up and running by next week, so watch the page for updates and cross your fingers for clear skies! 🔭🌟


Hello enthusiasts of the cosmos! We’re happy to say that, despite the partly cloudy skies, the telescope will be OPEN for observing tonight from 9:30pm until midnight!! 😄🔭💫 A reminder that the dome is located in room 404 of the Olin-Rice Science Center, accessible via the southwest elevator or staircase. Bring your friends, family, and questions about the infinite! Hope to see you there! 🌙💞✨


Hey there folks! As much as we would love to open the telescope up, it looks like it'll be too cloudy to observe much tonight. But keep posted! We're still excited to host you this summer, and (weather permitting) we plan on hosting nights again next week and in the future!


Hi everybody, due to some unforeseen scheduling conflicts, we will not be opening up the dome for observing tonight. Check back next week and hope for clear skies! 🔭😄🌟


Hello everybody! We're excited to announce that we will be hosting public nights again this summer! In the past, Macalester College has opened its 16-inch rooftop telescope to the public for observation, and this weekly event will begin again NEXT WEEK, on MONDAY, JUNE 10TH. Weather permitting, potential targets for observation include the Moon, planets, galaxies, planetary nebulae, and many others. The telescope will be open from 9:30pm until midnight and is located in room 404 of the Olin-Rice Science Center, accessible via the building's southwest staircase or elevator. Although room 404 is accessible, the dome itself is only reachable by stairs.

All are welcome! Bring your kids, friends, family, or come alone. Keep an eye out for updates on weather conditions every Monday evening, and cross your fingers for clear skies! We hope to see you there and can't wait to chat about the cosmos! 🔭✨🌠🚀🌙


Hello all! Although it’s a beautiful night, the clouds will likely keep the observatory closed for public observing ☹️ your steadfast guides will still be in OLRI 404 from 8-11 PM, so we’ll keep you updated if the skies start to clear up! 🔭💫


Hi all, looks like it is another cloudy one tonight. 😢 Our guides will be up in room 404 if you have any questions about the cosmos, but it looks like we won't be able to do any observing tonight. Here's hoping for a clear night next week! ✨🔭


Hi folks, due to the rain and clouds we won't be opening the telescope tonight. Hopefully we'll have clear skies next week! 🔭🌟💞


Hi everyone. It looks like another overcast evening, so we won't be able to do any observing tonight. 😢 Feel free to stop by room 404 if you have any questions for our guides - and cross your fingers for clearer skies next week! 💕🔭✨


Hello everybody! It's looking like we'll have a decent chance of observing tonight, as long as the clouds stay out of our way. Your expert guides will be in Olin-Rice 404 from 8-11pm to check out the cosmos 🤩🔭💫


It's another cloudy one, folks, so unfortunately we won't be opening the dome tonight. Hopefully we have clear skies again next week! 😄🔭💞


Hello everyone! Things are looking clear for observing tonight! We hope to see you here in Olin-Rice 404, which can be reached via the southwest staircase or elevator. We'll be around to explore the cosmos with you from 8-11pm!! 😊🔭✨


1600 Grand Ave
Saint Paul, MN


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Hello, will the observatory be open tonight to see Saturn at its closest position to earth?
Saturn, Jupiter, Mars & the stars put on a good show for us tonight! Thanks to the astronomy scholar at the Macalester Public Observatory for teaching us about the universe on this beautiful summer night!
Is there a viewing on July 23rd or is the 16th the last one for 2018?