White Plains Lodge No. 473

White Plains Lodge No. 473 A Lodge of Free Masons. Instituted on April 6, 1859; Chartered on June 30, 1859; and, Incorporated on June 4, 1895: This Masonic Lodge is under the Jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York.

Our Communication: 1st and 3rd Wednesday

Mission: " May God make this door wide enough to receive all who need human love and fellowship; and narrow enough to shut out all envy, pride and hate."

Operating as usual

Masonic Medical Research Institute
Masonic Medical Research Institute

Masonic Medical Research Institute

#communitytuesday Last week, WKTV NEWSChannel 2 visited the MMRI to interview scientist, Dr. Nathan Tucker. Dr. Tucker has been incredibly busy since beginning at the MMRI in early March, due to his increased involvement in efforts related to COVID-19. While helping to facilitate a partnership between MMRI and MVHS for COVID-19 testing, Dr. Tucker has also published a study on the virus and its relationship to the heart. Watch the interview footage on the WKTV website at the link below!

Donation of 50 Meals from Papi' to Lifting Up Westchester from The 2nd Westchester/Putnam Masonic District to feed those...

Donation of 50 Meals from Papi' to Lifting Up Westchester from The 2nd Westchester/Putnam Masonic District to feed those in need.

Visitation and lecture by Right Worshipful David Menegon, Grand Senior Deacon of the GLNY, and the Officer's, Brethren a...

Visitation and lecture by Right Worshipful David Menegon, Grand Senior Deacon of the GLNY, and the Officer's, Brethren and Visitors of (and to) White Plains Lodge No. 473.

The lecture was entitled:
Patriotism, America, and Freemasonry, the Cornerstone to Civil Society.
How our principles rebuild communities and countries.

The group has gathered in the East before repairing to celebrate and conviviate, together, downstairs.


Brothers, Tonight, we MEET!!!

A Glad Tiding.

A Glad Tiding.

With many celebrating Christmas this week, we thought we'd take a moment to post something a little bit merry - a poem, author unknown, entitled "Lodge No. 1, the North Pole."

'Twas the Night before Christmas, and down at the lodge
not a gavel was stirring, and in the hodge-podge.

Of aprons and jewels and chairs East and West
You could savor the silence, most gladly divest

All metal and mineral, it mattered not,
Since Christmas was nigh and the coals were still hot.

In the hearth of your homeplace, all Masons abed,
As visions of trestleboards danced in their head;

When up on the roof there arose such a clatter
Our Tiler jumped up to see what was the matter!

He picked up his sword and ran fast to the door,
Three knocks shook the panels - he wondered 'What for?'

He answered the knocking with raps of his own,
And once the door opened he saw, with a moan

Of delight it was Santa, all jolly and red
Except for one notable feature instead!

Upon his large finger he wore what we knew
Was compasses and square on a background of blue!

'Why Santa!' he shouted and lowered his blade,
'I see you're a Mason!' the Tiler relayed.

He looked tow'rd the Master's most dignified chair
And said, voice near trembling, 'Most Worshipful Sir

There's a Gentleman properly clothed at the gate!
The Master replied, 'Let's allow him - but wait!

You tell me a Gentleman, but I don't see
His Apron beneath that red suit, can it be

Our visitor hasn't been properly raised?
Must we offer a test that is suitably phrased?

'I do beg your pardon,' ol' Santa said quick
As he pulled up his coat and displayed not a stick

But a cane with engraving, two balls did appear
And oh, what an apron, he wore and held dear!

Adorned like the Master's, complete with a sign
Of "Lodge Number One, the North Pole" on one line!

"Now let this man enter," the Master declared,
And once in the Lodge room, the Brethren all stared,

For Santa was wearing a jewel not seen
For many a century - there in between

The fur of his coat and the splendid red collar
Gleamed two golden reindeer that shone line a dollar!

"It's Donner and Blitzen, who I must confess
"Are actually images brought from the West

By my Warden, a craftsman like none in the world!"
And with a great laugh from his bag he unfurled

An ear of fine corn, and some oil from the East,
"My friend I have plenty, tonight we will feast

On all that is good! We are Masons, kind sir!"
A murmur went throughout the Lodge, quite a stir,

As presents and promises flew from his sack!
This Santa, a Mason, showed he had a knack

For making this Christmas the best you could glean,
And soon even Deacons were laughing, they'd seen

On this very night only happiness reigned!
This jolly Saint Nicholas quickly explained

That only a Mason could be so inclined
To make all kids happy, make all people find

A Christmas so special, yes, Santa was right!
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

(Shown here is Bro. Raymond Gottschall, a Past Master of Reading Lodge No. 549, Reading, PA, who professionally portrays Santa Claus each holiday season.)

White Plains Lodge No. 473's cover photo

White Plains Lodge No. 473's cover photo

48 pictures of the sun. Taken for a year, once a week, in the same place and at the same time. The highest point is the ...

48 pictures of the sun. Taken for a year, once a week, in the same place and at the same time.

The highest point is the summer solstice and the lowest point is the winter solstice. The result is the symbol of infinity. It's beautiful, isn't it?

A new Masonic season is right around the corner.  Are you ready?

A new Masonic season is right around the corner.

Are you ready?

David Furcayg and Xavier Garcia manning the The Salvation Army Greater New York Division at the Super Stop & Shop in Nor...

David Furcayg and Xavier Garcia manning the The Salvation Army Greater New York Division at the Super Stop & Shop in North White Plains.

George Washington's Mount Vernon
George Washington's Mount Vernon

George Washington's Mount Vernon

Have you ever heard of the Battle of White Plains? Learn more about this lesser-known battle, fought #OnThisDay in 1776.


Did You Know?

Nineteen years elapsed between the initiation and raising of Warren G. Harding. He was initiated June 28, 1901, and raised August 27, 1920.


Did You Know?

Voltaire friend of Benjamin Franklin was made a member of the Nine Sisters Lodge in 1778 in Franklin's presence. He had been maligned as an atheist but spoke these words on his death bed "I die adoring God loving my friends not hating my enemies and detesting superstition." This "his final testament," said one of his biographers, "leaves us his whole creed."


Did You Know?

Operative Lodge No. 150, Aberdeen Scotland, is composed entirely of Masons who are or have been operative stonemasons.


Did You Know?

Col. David Crockett, former member of congress, and well-known backwoodsman and Freemason, was captured by the forces of General Santa Ana and by him ordered to be executed in 1836. Santa Ana was a Mexican Freemason.


Did You Know?

John Jacob Astor, who amassed one of the world's largest fortunes as a fur merchant, was Grand Treasurer of the Grand Lodge of New York from 1798 to 1800, he was a member of Holland Lodge in New York and active in its work.


Did You Know?
5,586 Masonic funeral services were conducted by Bro. William Brockmeier (1866-1947) in the St. Louis, MO., area without renumeration.


Did You Know?

Three presidents, James Madison, James Monroe, and Thomas Jefferson, participated in the Masonic cornerstone laying of Central College at Charlottesville, Virginia on October 6, 1817.


Did You Know?
Meeting in low vale.
On April 10, 1936, Winnedumah Lodge No. 287 of Bishop, California, held a meeting on the floor of Death Valley, 270 feet below sea level--the lowest place on the continent. 50 Lodges from 10 states were represented.


Did You Know?
The beacon light which tops the great Washington National Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, VA., was given by the Royal Arch Masons of Virginia at a cost of $16,000.


Did You Know?
The Cuban flag was designed by Narciso Lopez, member of "Lodge Estrella Solitaria del Oriente de Louisiana." He drew upon Masonic symbolism in proposing that the flag include a 5-pointed star within a triangle.


Did You Know?
Masonic Baptism was at one time given infants, both in Europe and America. In a Scottish Rite (S.J.) ritual for this ceremony, written by Albert Pike, children were given Masonic emblems and were promised the protection of the craft.


Did You Know?
Roman Catholic membership was a prerequisite for the higher degrees of Freemasonry in the early Swedish Rite organized by Johann August von Starck.


Did You Know?

What is reputed to be the greatest elevation at which a Masonic Lodge functions in its own Lodge Room is that of "Roof Of The World Lodge" No. 1094, at Oroya, Peru in the Andes Mountains. Elevation, Lodge Room proper 14,167 feet. The nearest U.S. competition, Kokomo County, Colorado. Lodge--elevation 9,500 feet.


Did You Know?

In 1860, at Limerick, Ireland, a stone was found in a small chapel. Bearing the date 1517, and also the following inscription:

"I will serve to live with love & care, upon the level, by the square."


Did You Know?

Robert Newman, Sexton of Christ Church, and the man who hung the signal lanterns in the steeple the night of Paul Revere's ride, was a member of St. John's Lodge in Boston.


Did You Know?

Maryland Masons can recognize each other on the highways--Any Mason or Widow of a Mason is eligible to apply for "515" auto tags.


Did You Know?

The first Masonic book in America was published by Brother Benjamin Franklin in 1734. It was an edition of Anderson's Constitutions.


Did You Know?

Giuseppe Garibaldi, (1807-1882), fought for the independence of three countries! Called the "George Washington of Italy", he fought against foreign domination of his native land, and, while exiled in South America, he took part in a revolt in Southern Brazil and also led a small army of his own in Uruguay's war of independence. He was Grand Master of Italy.


Did You Know?

The first recorded Masonic Sermon was delivered by the Rev. Charles Brockwell, English Clergyman, on December 27, 1749, at Christ Church, Boston, Massachusetts. (Christ Church was "The Old North Church" associated with the famous ride of Bro. Paul Revere.)


Did You Know?

Brother David WIlliams and Brother John Paulding of Courtlandt Lodge No. 34, New York, helped capture Major Andre the Revolutionary spy.


Did You Know:

Major General Benjamin Lincoln or Revolutionary War fame, who received the sword of Cornwallis in the surrender at Yorktown, was initiated Christmas Day, 1780, in St. Andrew's Lodge, Boston, Mass.


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White Plains, NY


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https://www.mariners67.org/event-registration-2/?ee=124 This is a Wonderful Event; open to Masons & Male Guests. Will be taking place on the Lunar New Year.
https://www.lohud.com/picture-gallery/news/local/2019/10/23/miller-house/4070264002/ Another Historical Site, of Westchester County, and, of White Plains, has re-opened to the public.
Hello Brothers I'm going to be coming out to White Plains New York this weekend with my wife for a wedding for a family member. It would be great to meet some brothers and maybe visit the lodge for a few minutes or so and get some pictures to bring back and show the brothers here and Lewiston Idaho and also to my blue Lodge in Asotin Washington.. feel free to message me on messenger if you all think somebody can make that happen thank you very much.
FROM THE EAST Greetings Brothers all, The end of 2018 is here, with Hanukkah, Christmas passed, the New Year is upon us. The month of December was particularly busy for our lodge. We had our Christmas luncheon which was very well attended, the Salvation Army bell ringing in White Plains and our two Stated communications meeting. The Dec 19th meeting included a talk by R...W... Jim Glover of John Jay Lodge who covered a variety of topics concerning Freemasonry and it was well received by the brothers present. Looking ahead to the first few months of the year we do have a busy schedule! For January we have the stated communication meeting on the 16th which will be the occasion for conferring the Entered Apprentice degree on eight candidates who have been accepted for membership. Preparation and rehearsals for the degree are under way, scheduled on Saturdays January 5 and 12 from 9 am to 11 am. We have all the roles filled for the degree, but we do need commitments for eight conductors. If you can commit to be a conductor, please let the Master or the Senior or Junior Warden know. The February 6, Stated Communication meeting will feature a Lecture by V...W... Raphael Wong, Assistant Grand Lecturer. The February 20th Meeting will be a public one and will be our annual Ladies and Widows Night. Reservation will be absolutely needed, and a separate announcement will follow. Our lodge has been chosen by the district to be the venue for the Grand Lecturer’s Convention on March 6th. This is in lieu of our regular meeting. All officers in the district are required by Grand Lodge to attend. We believe that we will have a full lodge that evening as many brothers from the district will be attending. We need to organize ourselves accordingly for this event which will include a dinner and full bar. An organizing committee for the event will be announced under the auspices of the Grand Lecturer’s office to ensure all issues are addressed appropriately. Saturday March 23 will be a special Master Mason’s degree meeting. Planning, preparation and rehearsals will be announced in early February. January Birthdays will be celebrated at the January 16th meeting. S & F W...Andy Papademetriou Master, White Plains Lodge No. 473 F & A M
Have a good evening tonight my Brothers. Sorry i will miss you all.
Brethren I am Secretary of Ballynahinch Masonic Lodge 301in Provincial Grand Lodge of Down in Irish Constitution. One of our affiliate members passed away on 4th July 2018 I believe he was/ is a member of your Lodge in the early 1980's - Wor.Bro Stephen McKee (this is for your information)
Thank for the invite to the Page, Andrew. I love White Plains and as it turns out, I have friends in No. 473. Imagine that!!!
I love this.
interested in joining your organization. feel free to inbox me