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Photos from Sir MVIT Confessions's post

Photos from Sir MVIT Confessions's post

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There are Openings in our Company: Priish

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2nd year
Hi I am from cs department, I don't know her name but she is from IS department(2 year) , I also know that she got admission through snq quota, I was sakth launda before seeing her but after seeing her I melted 😅,literally to say I never fall in love with anyone but this is my first tym, her height may be 5.5 and she is very Kool looking and thing is during this kalanjali 20k8 she wore white top and Blue Jeans and another thing is she is from karnataka itself

Admin: Help this sakht launda 🤣🤣🤣🤣


4th year
I saw this girl in the canteen several times. I think she is in the CS or IS dept. She’s short and cute. I have noticed that she drives a skoda sedan to college. Pretty hot 😍 Can someone tell me if she’s single? I have a huge crush on her xD

Admin: Peeps tag her !!


1st year
Sreeya suresh from Biotech first year ur eyes are so glimmering nd it will fuse any body brain When u r in glimpse of light u r shining like an jugnu (firefly) 😻 u r the prettiest❤️
Nd ur smile is like a drug to me nd I need it everyday because now I am addicted to it ☺️ sorry to other girls she is ur queen 😜 so take care of her because she is the jewel of MVIT nd god given अमानत for me🙂😍😘

Admin: Peeps tag this 'अमानत' 🤣🤣🤣


2nd year
Sade Shastry!!! ... This is wt ppl call .m in luv with ua beard🔥 ...i often used to see u nea coffee shop with a girl... I expect her to be ua friend/ sis .... Nw coz of the exams m nt able to see u... missing those days... m Waiting for the commencement of nxt sem

Admin: Peeps tag him!!


2nd year
Tejaswi kumar..
I want to confess something..from the first day when i saw u..i felt for u...the way you stared at me in verve...the way u smile..the way u introduced yourself...the cuteness with which u talk....and the most important one...ur name 'dodo' which i find cutest...u became my hero from that day...verve was the happiest day in my college life...n one more thing u were looking awesome in that blue shirt which u wore in kalanjali..i know u would have many girlfriends as a boy like u cannot be single ur one smile can make anyone fall for u...
Love u..❣️♥️
I'm ur from 2nd year..
Nd ur. Frnd..
If u feel same for anyone..
Then just comment..!
If that'd be i i will reveal my name..! ❤️❣️😘

- Your True Lover..❣️

Admin: Help this true lover peeps !!


2nd year
2nd year ECE department
Hey rahul this is for u..
I like to confess something..
Ur beardless face could attract any girl of this college..
Nt for that one reason..
Ur shy nature..
That look when someone tease u..
That look when someone wants to kiss u..!
That damn innocent look..
Can kill any girl..!
From the bottom of my heart..
I love u.. ❣️
If u want to know who's this..
Plzz comment..!
Again.. I love u more than anyone..❣️


3rd year
I'm in love with sutirtha ghosh 3rd year eee. You are so handsome. I always look at you but you never notice me. I hope you'll understand my love 😍

Admin: Peeps tag him now!!


4th year
This is for 4th yr chota champion Akash halayyanavar.I just want to tell dat I have found my dreamboy in u. I just want to confess that I fell for u in the very first moment when I saw u. My heart skips a bit whenever I see u.

Admin: Peeps tag him!!


4th year
Hi guys I’m from EEE department final year 🥺
I love Gowtham M raj (chinnu) guy from mechanical engineering who is graduated. I’m one of your Instagram follower. Chinnu i love you ❤️

Admin : Peeps tag Chinnu now ,he gotta see this 😂


3rd year
This is for a mechanical guy , he is very cute tall and slim 😍 I heard his friends calling him dubey . The way u looked at me in library , I felt a connection ❤️❤️ I hope we could talk some time dubey . Please some one tag him so that I'll know his real name .

Admin: Peeps help her out !!


2nd year
This is for one of the cutest guy in our college Kaushik from E.C.E 2nd year. I'm one of yours classmate Kaushik and I just wanna say that u are damn cute and I want to know more about you. If you are single which I feel that you are, I wanna be with you😘😊
And one more thing when you sometimes say Bengali words you sound really cute and I like you alot.😊. Hope we could be together

Admin: Peeps tag him!!


2nd year
This is for abhinav agrawal from mech department


2nd year
A guy is lucky when she meets a girl who speaks his language.
And he is more luckier when she is the only girl in the whole First year he met...
Then that means i am the most luckiest to have u....
Eventhough we have been friendzoned.......but that heart still beats with the rhythm when it had on the day i met u...

----by an unknown from an unknown branch

Admin: 😂😂😂


3rd year
So I saw one of the senior girls from CS branch the other day and she was pretty cute . I wonder who she was . She’s got curly hair cut short and she’s slim . I don’t have a crush on her or anything but she looks like a good person to be friends with and probably get some advice worthy of listening and implementing .

Admin: If you know her help this guy out 😁


This confession is for Monisha final year EC😇.
OMG what looks you have got girl😍
I just saw you in our recent fest and you were just mesmerising in that saree❤️❤️❤️
You just took my heart away just with your beautiful looks 😉😍
I have seen you many times but you looked plain. But this time it was just out of the world❤️.
I can't even stop dreaming about you 😣😣😣
I would love to be around you everytime now onwards 😉
Can we get to know more about each other. Pleaseeeeee😍😍
Oh wait.. forget all those lines above. just answer me this 👇

Marry me?❤️

Admin: Tag peeps !!!


2nd year
This post is dedicated to the love of my life, Satyam Raj.
I truly love you babe 😘
Can we please meet near the canteen on Wednesday? I've seen you there many times with your friends during the tea break. That's the only time when I get to see you baby. Why don't you attend classes regularly? I don't want you to get in trouble for not attending classes. And why did you change your hairstyle? You looked hot in that hairstyle. Although you still look cute 😘
The first time I saw you was in the science block when you came with your friends there to drink water. I fell in love with you at that moment. 😍. I know you had a girlfriend from your branch but I'm not sure if you're still dating her. I hope I'm lucky enough to date you :)
And wear your blue shirt on Friday

Admin: Peeps tag him !!


4th year
This confession is for ramya of biotech 4th year. I saw you doing anchoring in kannada fest. Seriously! What an accent! Loved your style very much. Wanted to know if you are single or not.
PS: we have common friends!

Admin: Peeps tag her !!



Come on guys who wouldn't want to take part in these events......I am super excited and peeps by the way registration st...

Come on guys who wouldn't want to take part in these events......I am super excited and peeps by the way registration starts tomorrow for all MVITIANS. So guys dont forget to register for the events.

HOLA MVITIANS !!!The Department of Telecommunication from Sir MVIT  takes immense pride in presenting to you AADHAAR 8.0...

The Department of Telecommunication from Sir MVIT takes immense pride in presenting to you AADHAAR 8.0 , our annual techno-cultural fest!
Yes, this is the 8th time in a row we are hosting it, and we only get bigger and better each year!

We invite you to be a part of this techno-cultural extravaganza happening on the 6th of October

This year we are venturing into something we have never done before. Aadhaar 8.0 is going to be an Inter-Collegiate Festival! So, spread the word to your friends in other colleges!

You don't want to miss out on this because our events list is definitely going to excite your creative and cognitive nerves!
We also have super fun promotional events planned for you guys! So, follow us and stay updated!

This is our page.

This is our Instagram page.

Hoping to get a great response from y'all.
-Team Aadhaar8.0

Wipro off campus placement details are given below.

Wipro off campus placement details are given below.


Here is one for my ex in mvit..

फ़क़त जो आते हो मेरे ख्वाबो में शिरकत करने,
आ सकूं मैं भी तेरे ख्वाबों में ऐसी इजाजत दे दो

यूँ छुपकर मुझसे तेरा मुस्कुराना वाज़िब तो नही,
तेरा न होकर भी तुझे पा सकूँ ,ऐसी बगावत कर दो

मेरे होंठों पर अपने होंठों की नज़ाकत दे दो
है बस इतनी सी आरज़ू मेरी, मुझे सिर्फ इज़ाज़त दे दो।।

Admin: 🙏🙏


2nd year
This is for abhijit Nelli of 2nd year.
Your such a charismatic person. The day I saw you in kalanjali I couldn't resist looking at you . I have always seen you with the tree gang guys. I hope to meet you some time. I would be waiting for you near canteen on 26th March during lunch break. I would love to see you in blue shirt.

Admin:Peeps tag him!!


4th year
So this one is for you Sohini. You are so cute and beautiful that i can't help but fall for you deeper everyday. The thought that i wont be able to see you after 3 months scares me. You are the best, a boy can ever get. I like you a lot. I heard back that you are single now. Whatever it is doesn't matter i like you just the way you are. You are perfect.

Admin: Peeps tag her!!


4th year
Hey Vageesha Tiwary!!!
After seeing 2 confessions for u and knowing that u r committed 😢.

Here is a song dedicated to u, from this Unsung Romeo of urs..

Tune mere jaana..
Kabhi nahi jana..
Ishq mera dard mera.. haaye…

If u don't like this post nor cmmnt on it....Then I will consider that u r single and ready to mingle now!!🤞🤞

4th year
That's very rude of u....U didn't posted my song dedicated to Vageesha Tiwary....Pls do the honour.

If u post it....then God will clear all ur subjects and ur cgpa will be above 9.

Admin: what crap 🙄🙄....Next time act more sensible man 😑😑


1st year
this confession to a girl of 1 year isc branch simran to me which i find something strange that might
Bond us together in up coming days.. i like u ..i hope we might be together..
as we are from same places. And might share few things in common loking forward to having a sweet coversation...
"Call me "990154171" just for coffe or some thing...

Admin: okay this is creepy.....try not to mention your number next time and a 10-digit number


1st year
This is for Prateek Ranjan CS branch.I m from ur class only and u know me well.I could not respond you but that was not my motive.If you still've feelings for me, DM me.

Admin: Peeps tag him now!! Sorry for posting it so late 😶


4th year
I am writing this here for Miss Meenu , BT 4th year. This may sound a little cliche but, I am no poet or a writer so please just bare with me miss. It's been almost three years since the time I first saw you and believe me when I say that your presence anywhere in my visual sight till this date makes me nervous and overcautious about myself and it takes a lot of effort in restraining myself from doing anything stupid. Your smile is just absolutely adorable!! I could wake up to that smile my entire life . The thought that 'be a man!' and tell her what you feel has crossed my mind like a thousand times .. but , according to me most men always try and hide there feelings and talk to noone about it. So I guess I was being a man but just in the opposite way. I am in love with your both cute and mature looking face and I don't know why but looking at your face always gave me a feeling that you are a little mature kind of a girl and maybe you are. I know it has been three years and few months and I am very late in asking but is there any chance that I could see that adorable smile infront of me over a cup of coffee??😊 And If there is then Please do anything on this post, I'll inbox you and I am really hoping you do. It doesn't bothers me that you are single or not, I just wanna know you better as a person at this moment. I wanna be your friend so that I could just see and talk to you every day. that's it!! Technically, still I am not talking to you directly but trust me doing this also was kinda impossibly tough for me. May be you know my name or may have seen me coz we cross paths quite often or may be am just imagining things and you haven't noticed me at all and you don't even have the slightest clue of me. I am from Bihar and not from here that's all could say about me here . I don't know you would like this public thing or not but I din't have any other way so I did this . Please respond.

Admin: This is just too big!!....peeps tag her now!!!


1st year
The day was August 8th...the day started off high with a boring the second hour of physics...we were introducing ourselves in the that time i noticed someone from my same state....
Now that person has become the reason for my above 90% attendence even though we r not in the same class now....

Thank u so much......

Admin: Oooooommmmmgggggg 🤣🤣


1st year
this is for ram 1st year from mechanical department. i have a crush on u. i really love u and want to come in relationship with u. may be you also like me. i am noticing you from last 3 months. i will wait for u near atm on 14th june after exam. i am from ise department...

Admin: Peeps tag him!


3rd year
This is for Animesh from 3rd year.. I dono which department is he from but.. I've been admiring him from past one year.. He's just too cute n mysterious... He wears spectacles and He travels in college bus.. Wana know whether he's single??. I really like him

Admin: Peeps tag him!!


1st year
This confession is for piyush sharma 1st year CSE. Ive seen first time at the NMKRV college, since then i cant take my eyes off you. I'm aware of your gf but still, if i can get a chance to know you better.

Admin:Peeps tag him now!!


1st year
This is to my senior shashi from civil dept...
The guy wit the beard..yes u!!..
Gosh, wit that beard and wit that physique of yours, anybody Wil admire u ..
and trust me I've been ur admirer since coming into civil block

Plz do come to college and out of the class during breaks, its the last few months I Wil be seeing u 😞
Ur secret admirer 😍

Admin: Peeps tag him!!


2nd year
This one's for rajeev..2nd year..I dont know his full name..not even the branch..but most of the times..i have seen u on the ground only...and nowadys near the coffee shop with one of your friend..i will not call it a crush...but i really want to talk to u..and wish to be a nice friend to u coz u r so cute and your smile is lovely.
Can we meet once and talk cause i want to talk to u. I wanted to text u personally but i dont have your number.

Admin: I think she means Rajeev Rai of ECE so peeps tag him!!


4th year
Vageesha Tiwari, you're cute.
I see you near the EEE block everyday.
Are you single?
I wanna date you.
Please let's meet up for a coffee someday.
4th year EEE guy

Admin: I guess she is not single....but peeps anyway tag her now!!!


1st year
From MBA guy
Varsh*tha Gowda


3rd year
Heyyy!! Finally I got the courage to say this😅. This is for a guy in 3rd year ec, I fell for you on the first day of the college . U just swept me off your feet.!!!!💗 I've been following you whenever I got a chance. I once saw you playing basketball 🏀, what energy man!!! My 💓 skips a beat every single time I look at you, hope you don't have a gf, that makes me pretty lucky!!! I just wanna say this
I LOVE YOU 💓💗💟. I don't even know your name, but I see you riding this cool duke. Your sswwaaaggggg man 😘.

Admin: peeps if you know him then tag now!!!


Krishnadevaraya Nagar Hunsmaranalli


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