MassGames The page for the E-Board and Admins of the UMass Registered Student Organization "MassGames" that runs events like Humans vs. Zombies and Capture the Flag.

Please join our facebook group at if you are interested in our events. All of the updates on this page will be posted into that group, as well.

Operating as usual


Hello MassGamers!

We are mixing things up this week by having our game during the week- we will be meeting Wednesday, April 18 at 5pm on top of the Campus Center. I hope to see you all there!

Liam McCarthy
MassGames President


Hello MassGamers!

We are having another game this Sunday, at 5 pm, and we will be meeting inside the Campus Center, in front of Bluewall. As always we will provide the necessary materials for the game, so don't worry if you don't have anything.

I hope to see you all there!

Liam McCarthy
MassGames President


Hello MassGamers!

I am posting to inform you that this weekend's mission will being taking place on Sunday, March 25 at 5:00pm. Instead of the campus center, we will be meeting in Southwest in front of Berk. As always, don't worry if this is your first time playing, as all materials necessary to the game will be provided at the event.

I hope to see you there,

Liam McCarthy
MassGames President


We're meeting a 5 today; my apologizes for forgetting to include that


Hello MassGamers!

We are having a mission this Sunday, March 4th, in Southwest. Since it this is further from our usual meeting space than our past locations, we will not be meeting at the campus center; we will instead be meeting in front of Berk. And as always, don't worry about not having the appropriate supplies- we will provide everything necessary.

We hope to see you there!

Liam McCarthy
MassGames President


Hello MassGamers!

We are hosting a game today, but on account of today's weather, it will be taking place at a later time than usually so we can play after the rain has cleared. The mission will be taking place in the Honor's College at 5:15pm, but we will be at in the Campus center in front of Harvest as usually at 5:00pm if you want to meet up with us beforehand. Also keep in mind, while the ground at Honor's College is mostly pavement so there will still be a little mud, so I still recommend bringing boots.

Hope to see you there!

Liam McCarthy
MassGames President


Hello MassGamers!

I wish to remind you that we are planning on having games every Sunday unless otherwise stated. For this Sunday, February 18, we will be meeting at 5pm in the Campus Center as always. Also please keep in mind, that there will be a lot of snow, so be sure to bring boots and dress warm.

Have a good day,

Liam McCarthy
MassGames President


Hello MassGamers!

I totally am not posting this so late because I was procrastinating. Totally not. Anyway, our next event will take place Sunday, February 11th at 4pm. Just like last time we will meet in front of Bluewall in the Campus Center, and as always, if you don't have any of the supplies necessary for the game, don't worry we will provide them.

Hope to see you there!

Liam McCarthy
MassGames President

Hello MassGamers!I am happy to inform you that MassGames' next event is going to be hosted tomorrow, February 2nd from 4...

Hello MassGamers!

I am happy to inform you that MassGames' next event is going to be hosted tomorrow, February 2nd from 4:30pm to 5:30pm, and we will meet inside the Campus Center (specifically outside of Bluewall). The event will be a new Humans vs Zombies mission, in which we'll have some new surprises in store for you. If you were at our previous event, be sure to bring your blowgun, and also be advised that we will be outside in the snow, so snow boots are encouraged.

Hope to see you tomorrow, and have great day!

Liam McCarthy
MassGames President

The page for the E-Board and Admins of the UMass Registered Student Organization "MassGames" that runs events like Humans vs. Zombies and Capture the Flag.

Please join our facebook group at if you are interested in our events. All of the updates on this page will be posted into that group, as well.


Hello MassGamers!

I am happy to inform you that we are hosting our first event of the semester tomorrow, which will be held from 3pm to 4pm on top of the Campus Center. This event will be a basic "learn to play" for Humans vs. Zombies, where we will explain the rules, do some quick practice games, and then finally end things off with an intense yet simple mission. And don't worry if you've never played before, you don't have to bring anything as we will be providing all materials necessary for the event.

If you have any questions, feel to reply to this post, and if you want to keep up to date with our event, feel free to follow our page so that we can inform you of the details of our games which will be occurring every weekend throughout the semester.

Have a good day,

Liam McCarthy
MassGames President


Hello Mass Gamers!

We are hosting our first event this weekend; it will be a basic learn-to-play for new players followed by a simple one-shot Humans vs. Zombies mission. This event will be taking place Sunday at 12 pm, on top of the Campus Center. Please bring your socks, marshmallows, Nerf darts, red bandannas and blowpipes to the event. Don't have socks, marshmallows, Nerf darts, red bandannas or blowpipes? Don't worry! We will provide the necessary materials to anyone who needs it there.

We hope to see you there,
Liam McCarthy
MassGames President


An update on the carpool:

It turns out that our email [email protected] is current experiencing technical difficulties. Until I can get this sorted out, please email directly at [email protected] if you're interested. Also if you've already sent an email to [email protected], please resend it to me, since none of them seem to have entered the inbox.

Liam McCarthy
MassGames President


Hello Mass Gamers!

After a brief club dormancy, we are officially back from the dead, and we have a number of events planned for the semester. Due to a lack of membership and difficulties rebuilding the club, we do not have any week long Humans vs Zombies events planned for the foreseeable future. However, we are planning a carpool to ‘Godfall: Operation Oracle,’ a large scale Humans vs Zombies event hosted by Benjamin Trask in Bourne, MA taking place this Saturday. We are looking for drivers for this event. If you are interested in driving or attending, contact us at [email protected] with your name and the number of people that can fit in your vehicle. In the weeks following, we plan to oversee a number of small, weekend events. More details will be released soon.

Have a Nice Day,
Liam McCarthy
MassGames President


Hello Massgamers,

We have some unfortunate news to share with you.

As you may have guessed by our month(s) of silence, MassGames is going dormant

"Dormant? What does that mean?"

Dormant isn't an official term. Rather, it's the closest thing we've figured out to describe what's been happening with MassGames:

It's become impractical to run the club with the current resources.

"Impractical? What do you mean? How?"

Well, a few things happened.

1. Nerf got banned. This happened a while ago, but it was a massive blow to our membership, as well as to the equipment we could use to design/run games.

2. SR was repeatedly removed. SR, or "Signature Responsibility", is the thing that eBoard members (namely, the President and Treasurer), need to use MassGames money. After the sudden departure of our Treasurer and with no replacement, the President was the only person who could use our money. At least, until SR was removed from him for no apparent reason. And again removed when he got it reinstated.

And removed once again after that once he got it reinstated again.

Without the use of our own money, it was pretty hard to pay for pretty much anything that was needed to run the club; props, websites, EMT's, etc.

3. Lack of Interest

Running the club with 3 eBoard members is pretty damn difficult. And with nobody running in the previous election, it appeared as though interest in the club had bottomed out. Since our games rely on both a large playerbase and a moderately sized operations crew, there weren't enough of the people necessary to run the club.

However, there is a silver lining to this:

Many clubs "fizzle out" for a semester or two before interest is piqued again and the club reforms. MassGames is no different in this regard.

If any UMass students would like to reform MassGames at any given point in the future, here are a few pieces of information:

1. Talk to Brian Arnold ([email protected]). He's the assistant director of Student Activities/Involvement, and was the club's liason prior to dormancy.

2. Email Ben Tapper ([email protected]) [This email address may change at a later date]. He was the club's last president prior to dormancy, and currently holds all of the game-design related information for all of the club's events, including some that were planned and never executed. He's more than happy to provide both the plans/documents, as well as plenty of pertinent game design information about current and future MassGames events.

3. UMSFS (The UMass sci-fi society) has graciously agreed to watch over our props/costumes until MassGames reforms. We'll be cleaning/trimming our arsenal to make their job easier, as well as getting rid of less important/bulky/unusable stuff. Visit their office (MassGames old office, Campus center 108) and get Ben the email of some of their current eBoard members.

Thank you for all of your support over the years. The MassGames admin team are sure that this isn't the end, and that you'll be seeing these events again some time within the next few years.

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Hello MassGamers!

Here are the notes from our meeting on Sunday:

HvZ Feedback:
⁃“Cinematic moments” (like the one at the beginning of Mission 0) were nice, and we should do more of those
⁃ Advertising not well done, need to do a better job
⁃ Chalking, mock HvZ sessions across campus during the day
⁃ Have Encounters on some mission days as well
⁃ Nonexistent Admin-> some NPC abilities fell flat
⁃ Anonymous feedback form (

Other Events:
⁃ More Assassins later on in the semester, hopefully before finals
⁃ ZooMass has hit some technical difficulties. We will keep you updated
⁃ Trask event: will organize carpooling ASAP

⁃ Immediately open: Treasurer, Media/PR, Vice President
⁃ Training positions: President, Secretary
⁃ Elections will take place on the page, specifically this post. Process is as follows:
⁃ Someone (including you) nominates you for a position.
⁃ Someone has to second it
⁃ At this point, you can choose if you want to accept the position.


Hey folks,

As a reminder, we're having a general body meeting in campus center room 911-15 at 3:00 PM today.

Bring all of your feedback for HvZ!


Hey there, folks!

We're going to be having a General Body Meeting this Sunday (11/6/16) at 3:00 PM in Campus Center room 911-15.

Topics of discussion for this meeting include:

MassGames Elections
HvZ Feedback
Current state of other events

This meeting is an opportunity to bring feedback to us in person, but you can always feel free to email us feedback for any of our events at this email address.

FINAL MISSION RESULTS: ZOMBIE VICTORYAs the last of the humans fell, a grisly roar issued forth from the Space Marine's ...


As the last of the humans fell, a grisly roar issued forth from the Space Marine's mouth, and Bill gleefully ran about to feast on the bodies of his former comrades.

The USS Nepenthes went silent from that day forwards, and rumor has it that there's still a massive starship of living dead in space, just waiting for the day the next hapless group of space pirates decide to scavenge them.


Thank you all for coming and playing! We at the admin team hope you had an amazing game and final mission of Humans vs. Zombies.

We'll be having a recap meeting next weekend at some time/location TBD. This is where you can voice any concerns, compliments, criticism, and convictions you have about this game and the next ones.

This meeting will also cover details relating to MassGames elections.

The map for the Final Mission is as follows: a reminder, NPC’s have the following abilities:Do...
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

The map for the Final Mission is as follows:

As a reminder, NPC’s have the following abilities:

Doctor Artyom: Carrying Ammo for Player Usage

Captain Meta: Anti Tank sword (3 shots per hit), and Scouting. Can, twice per this mission, be directed towards an area on the map and identify any npc’s in that area

Bill: Tank, 5 shot outside of derelict, 12 shots inside

Space Marine: 2 Shot tank outside of derelict, 9 shots inside. Two players can man Space Marine as a turret, one as a spotter, the other as a cannoneer. Space Marine can fire 2 infector shots in this manner during the mission

As a reminder, please dress appropriately for the current weather and take notice of active areas of construction around umass.

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.



Greetings, crew of the Nepenthes! Captain Meta here, in what could be the most important message of our time here.

We’re running out of resources, they’re sabotaging our systems (hence the “snow”), we can’t go anywhere else in space without risking getting ourselves killed when they see those monsters, we don’t know what sorts of classified stuff this biomaterial is… Look, we’re pirates, alright? We can’t do much except help ourselves without getting ourselves in an irreversible bind.

The clock is ticking. We need to make our move. Now. Or else it’ll be our last.

But as always, I have faith! As I had faith in our Doctor, and he delivered! He proposes one last move: a sort of megacure, an amplifier of sorts. It’ll weaken those that have turned, giving us a way to finally rid the ship of that disgusting waste of biological material.

...well, there’s Bill and the soldier. They seem to have been spending a little too much time scheming, and… well. I dunno what we can do. But they may need to be treated… specially. But once they’re both down at once, we can cure them! Now, I personally think they need to be… We’ll see.

Of course, though, they’ll be watching. And waiting. And we have no way around this, and this will be our last push, or else we’re stuck floating in space with quickly-intensifying radiation that’s ready to kill us all.

But have faith! And hope! As long as we come together and persist, it’ll work out. :)


-Humans must meet Captain Meta and Doctor Artyom on top of the Campus Center Ziggurat
-Humans must escort Doctor Artyom and Captain Meta to 6 Beacons, in any order they so choose. However, both the Doctor and Meta must be there to start and complete the hold.
-A map of the beacons’ locations will be released 30 minutes before mission start
-Doctor Artyom must Charge the Amplifier at each location with a 10 minute hold
-Doctor Artyom will need to prep the amplifier at Docking Bay D for 15 minutes
-Once all of the above have been completed, Humans will follow Captain Meta and Doctor Artyom’s instructions to cure the zombies

-The Derelict has been made into a radiation zone. For the remainder of the game, it has a 6 minute stun timer out of mission (until mission start), 3 minutes in mission
-This radiation zone extends into the tunnel
-Any zombies that enter with a longer stun timer must wait out the duration of their prior stun timer

-Within the Derelict, Bill is a 12 shot tank, and the Space Marine is a 9 shot tank
-If Bill and the Space Marine are stunned simultaneously within the Derelict, they will permastun
-Once both Bill and the Space Marine are permastunned within the Derelict, all zombie stuns are instead zombie permastuns/permacures (and are therefore out of the game)
-Any Zombies that are stunned prior to this can wait out their stun timer to unstun, however, if they are restunned, they are permastunned/permacured
-Humans can still be zombified during this time period
-Within the Derelict, Captain Meta and Doctor Artyom can be tagged
-At 3 tags, they zombify
-If Zombified, they are 5 shot tanks



The snow as is is causing unsafe play conditions due to slick ground areas, hazardous weather, and steadily worsening visibility. Additionally, the storm will continue throughout the night according to current forecasts


Mission 6 Result: Partial Human Victory

The Humans were able to collect 4 parts for my curative amplifier. While this isn’t the amount I hoped for, I will still be able to create such a device. However, the reduction in parts means I will need to devote fewer of my resources developing cures, for the meantime and focus more on the device.


The Good Doctor

Mission Rewards:

- Doctor Artyom has started work on his curative amplifier
- By eating the remainder of the the supplies, zombies will no longer starve before final mission

MISSION 6 MAP: The objects are approximately at the circles.

MISSION 6 MAP: The objects are approximately at the circles.


Mission 6: Get the Stuff

Yo crew! It’s the good Doctor! Unfortunately, I was unable to save our dear Captain after Bill attacked him, but we need to move on. We need to do whatever it takes to get this disease or whatever it is out of their filthy bodies. However, my cures only work on one zombie at a time and they take a decent while to make. So I have a mission for all of you! There must be supplies in the Ecotarium Unit that we can use to make a weapon of sorts! Your mission is to find these supplies before the zombies realize what we are trying to do and stop us. I already know that the Space Marine has stolen a good amount of parts from from this ship. According to Meta, he is located in Residential Station Beta (more specifically in Stonerhenge, the area behind Van Meter). We can hopefully steal those back, and also find more throughout the Ecotarium Unit.


- The Doctor will be in the Ecotarium Unit, walking along the OHill-Sylvan trail. He is not taggable.
- The Space Marine and Bill are in/around Stonerhenge (Clark Memorial) behind Van Meter. They have hoarded together 4 supplies and will be guarding them. Bill and the Space Marine will not leave the area unless all 4 supplies have been stolen back.
- You must sneak past them in order to recover supplies. To do this, find Meta who is standing and holding a red flag by the Clark Memorial. She marks start point of the stealth part of mission. Only 3 humans can be in the queue to the stealth portion at a time. If you are one of those 3 and you are standing around her, or are within the stealth part of the mission, you are safe. Once you leave the area, or are more 15 feet away from Meta you are no longer safe.
- Bill and the Space Marine cannot turn you into a zombie while doing the stealth portion
- If you are caught in the first part (by Bill) in the stealth mission, you may return to the back of the line by Meta and you are able to try again. There is a checkpoint between the first and second part of the stealth portion. If you are caught in the second part (by the Space Marine), you get one respawn at the checkpoint. If you get caught again, you may move to the back of the line, if you so choose.
- A Human cannot participate in the stealth portion if they are already holding one of the supplies
- The safe zone will dissipate 2 minutes after all 4 supplies have been stolen back
- Zombies are not allowed to take part in the stealth portion.
- Humans can stun zombies from the safe zone. This is to ensure that zombies do not prevent Humans from taking part in the mission.
- A map of other supply locations will be released at mission start (there will be 4 you need to find)
- ***Zombies may not pick up the supplies***
- Humans must bring supplies to the Doctor. If tagged while holding supplies, you must drop it and let another eligible player pick it up
- After the Doctor has 6 supplies, he has enough to create his amplifier. Humans then need to do a final hold at Orchard Hill Bowl. If the Doctor has 6 supplies, the hold is 15 minutes. If he has 7 supplies, 10 minutes, and all 8 is 5 minutes. If the hold has already started, each additional supply will decrease the timer by 2 minutes. During the hold, Bill is a 5 shot tank and the Space Marine is a 2 shot tank. The Doctor will have the Captain’s sword, which counts as 3 shots on a tank


1 Campus Center Way, CC103
Amherst, MA


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Hello all. Thank you for the great time today. Amazing turnout with amazing people. In the future, we will play more games of humans versus humans, and these will be successful due to the training regimes we have instituted at the meetings. Every member must complete the obstacle course in under 23 seconds. If said person(Alex) does not manage to make this cutoff, they must try again until they(Alex) can do so. The obstacle course changes each time so that the person trying again(Alex) cannot acclimate to the challenge of the course. We supply all items necessary and accept donation of any form. Including, CRTs, Fax machines [working or non working], military surplus, and of course, old socks. Thanks again all, and we hope to see you on the battlefield.