Universities in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Find universities in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Listings include Cranbrook Academy of Art, Oakland Community College, Givers University, Cranbrook Art Museum, Christ Church Cranbrook and University Senior Living. Click on each in the list below the map for more information.

  • 01/22/20
    "The Givers Lifestyle" is the title of the 2nd book in the 3 book "Give To Be Great" series. Did you know there is a checklist you can use to quickly identify Givers or Takers? Givers have 30 Habits. ...
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  • 01/21/20
    Givers Gain & Takers Lose. How can this be? Givers Gain by Giving consistently=The Law of Compensation ALWAYS rewards them 2x. By contrast, Takers, even short term it seems like they have gained, Take...
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  • 01/20/20
    Givers know you have two Families. One given by Intelligent Design. 2nd is the family of your choice. The 2nd family is the one you surround yourself with. Do you pick just anyone or do you pick wisel...
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  • 01/19/20
    Givers know that Intelligent Design is the ONE & ONLY way we could be here. "Every House Needs a Builder." No house can build itself. An outside force needed to Design & build it. Are your priorities ...
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  • 01/18/20
    Givers "Consistently" invest in their personal R & D (a.k.a. Self Growth). Givers know by raising their "Know How" & "Do How" their earning power increases. Takers spend on self gratification. Givers ...
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  • 01/17/20
    Givers know that EVERYTHING is a Ratio of something else. Every thought or action is a Ratio of another thought or action. Do you track you ratios? Your ratio is a % of the result total. If not, how...
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