Universities in Troy, MI

Find universities in Troy, MI. Listings include Michigan College of Beauty, Walsh College Student Life, Walsh College Bookstore, Entrepreneurial Global Trade Mission -GTM, Walsh College Career Services and Barry Demp Coaching, LLC. Click on each in the list below the map for more information.

  • 05/28/20
    “If we wait for tomorrow to be yesterday, we’ll wait forever.” How does today compare to yesterday, last week, last month, or last year? To what degree have you accepted... http://ow.ly/gtdG50zLCB...
    > Barry Demp Coaching, LLC
  • 05/26/20
    “On the other side of the door of uncertainty is a room of wisdom." I recently reviewed "Humble Inquiry" by Edgar Schein. The subtitle is: "The Gentle Art of Asking instead of Telling." Some key take...
    > Barry Demp Coaching, LLC
  • 05/25/20
    With gratitude, we remember and honor all those who served and died for our country 🇺🇸
    > Michigan College of Beauty
  • 05/22/20
    Friday Review: Understanding --- What does it mean to truly understand? Here are a few understanding-related posts you may have missed. - https://mailchi.mp/dempcoaching.com/friday-review-052220-un...
    > Barry Demp Coaching, LLC
  • 05/21/20
    “There is nothing wrong with being wrong.” o what degree are you and those around you seekers of truth? To what extent do you embrace the facts - or in current terms... http://ow.ly/9rcd50zDUSo
    > Barry Demp Coaching, LLC
  • 05/20/20
    “Few is the number who think with their own minds and feel with their own hearts.” How are you and the people in your personal and professional communities doing relative to today’s quote? With far m...
    > Barry Demp Coaching, LLC
  • 05/19/20
    “Move past the myopic ‘present you’ to become the sagacious ‘future you.’” How have your personal and professional worlds changed in the past three or four months? How did things look a year ago... ...
    > Barry Demp Coaching, LLC
  • 05/15/20
    Friday Review: Weakness --- How do you define weakness in others? In yourself? Here are a few weakness-related posts you may have missed. - https://mailchi.mp/dempcoaching.com/friday-review-051520-w...
    > Barry Demp Coaching, LLC
  • 05/14/20
    “If you are going to doubt something, doubt your limits.” There is no doubt that our lives have been limited in many ways these past few months. Our freedom to... http://ow.ly/EjBH50zzy0x
    > Barry Demp Coaching, LLC
  • 05/13/20
    “It’s all about your audience.” While walking around my neighborhood the other day, I ran into Paul, a friend from my health club. While keeping our distance, we discussed... http://ow.ly/eEll50zzxS...
    > Barry Demp Coaching, LLC
  • 05/12/20
    “The key to the future of the world is finding the hopeful stories and letting them be known.” Where do you get news about local and global events? To what extent do these outlets use the “if it ble...
    > Barry Demp Coaching, LLC