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Avian influenza continues to be confirmed across Iowa and the nation. Find common questions and answers from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach that can help inform consumers, bird owners, and poultry producers:


Join us at the Carroll County Fair this year! Whether you want to attend for a day or don't want to miss a minute of any day, check out our admission prices as you plan your fair outing.

✨ Bonus: Ages 4 and under are free!

If you are looking to get a wristband for every day admission, come to the main gate once the fair opens, and we will direct you to the fair office in the 4-H building to purchase and grab your wristband.


Blanching is an important step in freezing vegetables. Blanching stops the vegetative enzyme action that results in poor-quality frozen vegetables when omitted. Blanching also cleans the surface of dirt and organisms, brightens the color, helps to slow the loss of vitamins, softens or wilts vegetables, and makes them easier to pack. Learn more about the importance of blanching and how to do it correctly.


It’s Pollinator Week!

1 out of every 3 bites of food we eat was pollinated by bees? We have much more to thank honey bees for than just honey! Learn about honey bee jobs, food and more here!


Iowa State University Integrated Pest Management Program
ISU Extension and Outreach - Agriculture and Natural Resources

Last week was a very dry week for most of us. Fields are growing very quickly this time of year, and we are seeing some ...

Last week was a very dry week for most of us. Fields are growing very quickly this time of year, and we are seeing some signs of water need in our crop fields already.

Expect to see some new articles show up on our website. A great website for reference in all things crops.

Come see us in Glidden TODAY!!

Come see us in Glidden TODAY!!


Summertime is often a good time to introduce children to hands-on experiences that use skills learned in school. Food Preservation is one such activity that uses reading, math, and science principles. It is also a great way to teach new or life skills, pass on family activities, and enjoy produce all year long. Check out the blog for resources that are appropriate for helping children learn about food preservation.


In this article, horticulturists with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach answer questions about strawberry care in the home garden.


Cherries are a summertime favorite! They can be eaten fresh or preserved in a variety of ways for later use. Learn more at


For over 6 years, ISU Extension and Outreach has been providing training through Mental Health First Aid, where participants gain skills to help support others, learning to recognize signs and provide help when needed. Learn more:

Thank you to the Carroll High School Transition Alliance Program for having us out today.  Renee Sweers, Human Sciences ...

Thank you to the Carroll High School Transition Alliance Program for having us out today. Renee Sweers, Human Sciences Specialist for Health and Food and Anjanette presented on proper handwashing, MyPlate, and got the participants cooking their own veggie quesadillas. Everyone did a great job with their safe food handling, knife skills, cooking and cleaning up. Participants were also introduced to the Spend Smart, Eat Smart app for simple, healthy recipes and exercises.


Edible cookie dough is a popular, quick and easy snack food for kids! Choose recipes wisely as edible cookie dough made with raw ingredients (flour and eggs) can be a food safety risk. Learn how to make safe edible cookie dough on the blog today.


Even though sugar has a preservative function in jams and jellies, molds can still grow and spoil these products. Regardless of whether a jelly or jam is made with or without pectin, all jams and jellies must be processed in a water bath canner or atmospheric steam canner – with the exception of some reduced sugar fruit products - to prevent mold spoilage. To learn more about safe water bath canning practices, watch this video:


It's strawberry season! Enjoy them fresh or preserve them to use later by freezing, making a tasty jarm, or dehydrating for a nutritious snack. Get recipes and more:


When consumers make a change in their range or cooktop from burners (gas or electric) to a smooth (glass) electric or radiant heat cooktop, the smooth cooktop may not work for canning. What to do?? The blog explores some portable burner and canner options.


What can you do to assist Iowans dealing with stress?

Direct clients to Iowa Concern, at 800-447-1985, available 24/7. Iowa Concern provides access to stress counselors, an attorney for legal education and information and referral services for a wide variety of topics. Iowa Concern promotional materials and publications on managing stress are available from the Extension Store.

Finding Answers Now offers resources for the human side of disasters, including managing stress, relationships and family finances.

The ISU Extension and Outreach Disaster Recovery website, focuses on natural disaster and crisis recovery, including links to information on severe weather, mental health, community tragedy, flooding, drought, fire, job loss, and avian influenza. The site is linked from the ISU Extension and Outreach homepage.


Come see us and the Carroll County ISU Extension office, at the library, and get instructions on how to do our story walk. After you are done, stop on back at the library and get materials so you can create your own mechanimal! If you can't make Monday, the story walk will be up all week.


A pressure canner is the only safe method for canning low acid foods—red meats, seafood, poultry, and low acid vegetables. Get ready for summer canning with these AnswerLine tips to ensure your pressure canner is in good condition and working properly to safely prepare shelf-ready foods.


Cash rent for Iowa farm ground is mostly unchanged from 2023, according to the latest land rent survey from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. This is the first time in five years without a statewide increase.


The school year will end soon for many children. Prevent "summer slide" (the loss of new skills gained during the school year), using everyday activities as opportunities for learning or putting skills to work. Get started with these ideas!


Torrential rains have turned once-dry feedlots to mud, and accompanying hail may have bruised cattle. Beth Doran, beef specialist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, said it's important to have a strategy and plan in place to deal with the issues facing producers.

Carroll County 4-H Welcomes Cami Uhlenkamp as the 4-H County Youth CoordinatorCarroll County, May 24, 2024- Carroll Coun...

Carroll County 4-H Welcomes Cami Uhlenkamp as the 4-H County Youth Coordinator

Carroll County, May 24, 2024- Carroll County 4-H is excited to announce Cami Uhlenkamp as the new Carroll County Youth Coordinator. Cami, a Carroll County native and recent graduate from Northwest Missouri State University, brings a wealth of passion and experience to her new role.
Growing up on a farm southwest of Breda, IA and graduating from Kuemper Catholic High School in 2020, Cami has deep roots in the community. Her undergraduate degree in Agricultural Media with and emphasis in Advertising provides her with a strong foundation.
Cami’s journey with Carroll County 4-H began last summer when she served as the 2023 Summer Assistant. During this time, she discovered her passion for working with youth and volunteers, fueling her desire to make a positive impact and be a leader in her community.
In her new role as County Youth Coordinator, Cami aims to create memorable experiences and educational programs that will inspire and empower the youth of Carroll County. She is dedicated to building connections, fostering growth, and expanding 4-H in Carroll County.
“I am incredibly excited to join the Carroll County Extension office and the 4-H team and serve as the Youth Coordinator. I look forward to collaborating with the youth, volunteers, and community members to create meaningful opportunities.

We are excited to welcome Cami into the 4-H family. Her enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to youth development make her a valuable addition to the Carroll County Extension office team. Cami can be reached by calling the Carroll County Extension office at 712-792-2364 or at [email protected]


Graduation parties, Memorial Day picnics, and other summer outdoor events are meant to be fun but can also be invitations for foodborne illness. Learn how to keep summertime parties safe.


Horticulture experts with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach offer tips on selecting, planting and growing eggplant.


Summertime is a great time for more physical activity. Get some tips to fuel biking, hiking, swimming, walking, running, etc. to maintain energy, maximize performance, and promote recovery.


Tornado season is here and ISU Extension and Outreach provides resources to help you get ready for these dangerous situations. Be prepared for potential emergencies.
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