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Photography Education & Resource Photography Education This page is for you to share your photos, promote your page or photography business and get some ideas and tips for taking better photographs.

Feel free to add some photos to the page! Share the page with your friends so more people will see your photos! Enjoy!

Mission: To educate and mingle with world wide photographers.

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Hello world!  Here's a chance to win! Hosted by Summerana. Please review eligibility and enter away! GOOD LUCK ALL!! Her...
PRIZES - There will be 18+ winners, one winner for each prize!

Hello world! Here's a chance to win! Hosted by Summerana. Please review eligibility and enter away! GOOD LUCK ALL!!
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Camera Giveaway!
see original post for details.

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Maximus Visual Artistry

Maximus Visual Artistry

The flowers were red, maybe from the blood I shed fighting for this, they were watered with my tears and pulsate with my heart. They were red and hot with my passion, with the fire of my longing to keep you forever. The red ferocity of hate and lust and the thin line between. The insane jealousy, and the furtive fury at spending a second of existence without you.
They were red like roses, beautiful fragrant things that make you grab them only to be greeted by the ugly searing pain of the thorns they hide, and maybe all the blood and stifled expectations that accompanied the scarlet beauty of the flowers fed them, made them the most beautiful flower in the world.
And maybe that’s why my flowers were red, not in salute to the flower but in respect of the thorns, and the blood they tore from me. The beauty of our love and the pain that highlighted it.-Max

This series was years in the making, I Just wasn’t inspired to spend the hours crafting the dresses 👗 but a surplus of models and shoots I adhore, reminds me of love, I’ve always been madly in love with with love, and infatuated with tragedy. A counterintuitive coupling but it works for me usually. That’s a whole different poem however.
Model: @kittenlebow
MUA: @kahliimorrison_mua the White freckle queen 👑

Photography Education & Resource's cover photo

Photography Education & Resource's cover photo


Good Evening all! I have decided to change the page up a little as weve taken quite a hiatus. Taking it from a sharing forum to an all out educational discussion page. Feel free to post questions or share your work! Im open to receiving PM's to answer any questions as well.

Lets try to make this page come back to life! Thanks for hanging in there with me all. Looking forward to seeing everyones work from around the globe!


Hello World! Its been so long since Ive been active here. Sorry for the hiatus. Life has been crazy. Now back to business. I would love to see some fresh work on here. If you have anything youd like to share, please feel free to post!

I will be changing the group a little bit to gear more towards photography education and resources. Along with page promotions and sharing! Hoping to see you all engage and have fun with this.

Love to all and miss seeing your work so much!


Claudia Hantschel Photography

Claudia Hantschel Photography

copyright © Claudia Hantschel Photography/all rights reserved

I on Photography-Christine Hess

I on Photography-Christine Hess

The worst light to shoot in is usually midday lighting because of the harsh shadows it can create but sometimes down at the falls it can cast beautiful light when it filters through the mist. I especially like shooting it in the winter because the mist is generally more "compact" when it's colder.....but since its still summer, we'll stick with a summer picture! :) Happy Thursday everyone!

Srdjan Vujmilovic Photography

Srdjan Vujmilovic Photography

/Presidian meteor shower around the Milkyway/

National Geographic:

This photo is made from multiple stacked long exposures.

#canon6D #MilkyWay #astrography #landscape #city #Presidian #meteor #meteorshower #presidianmeteorshower #night #longexposure #colors #stars #fallingstars #forest #lights #forest

For all you fellow artists out there!

For all you fellow artists out there!



Tonight's sunset was a jaw dropper.

Matt Aden Photography

Matt Aden Photography

La Jolla coves back side.....

Gorgeous shots of Niagara Falls by Christine Hess.  I on Photography-Christine Hess

Gorgeous shots of Niagara Falls by Christine Hess.
I on Photography-Christine Hess

More of #NiagaraFalls from today, one of the coldest mornings of the year! I believe they said the wind chill was around -38! It definitely makes for the best images though! The last few days have been totally crazy, I've had some of my winter images picked up by NBC, ABC News, CNN, Good Morning America, KDKA-TV | CBS Pittsburgh, Los Angeles Times, WRDB in Louisville to name a few and they've gone viral, an interview with the LA Times and a couple other things going on at the moment! Very much worth freezing the fingers for! Please feel free to share! I always appreciate your comments and shares, after all it's helped me get where I am today and for that, I am grateful! :)

Modern Baby Photography & Modern Bride Photography
M O D E R N - M A R K E T

Modern Baby Photography & Modern Bride Photography

Marketing Set for Professional Photographers

I on Photography-Christine Hess

I on Photography-Christine Hess

#NiagaraFallsFrozen - Well not really but it sure looks like it! With it being so picturesque and brutally cold down at the falls, I had to make a night trip down there too! I was out of town during the recent cold snap, have to make up for lost time! Love Niagara Falls in the winter!! Feel free to share! :) #NiagaraFalls #coldnotfrozen #winterwonderland These are some of the images that went viral a couple days ago! :)

Matt Aden Photography

Matt Aden Photography

Heres an image Ive really been looking forward to sharing with you....

Frequency Separation.  Its a must know for portrait retouching :)
The Ultimate Guide To The Frequency Separation Technique | Fstoppers

Frequency Separation. Its a must know for portrait retouching :)

Chances are you have already learned what Frequency Separation (FS) technique is, as it became mainstream in the past few years. However, many FS technique users actually know very little theory behind it, thus have little control over its implementation. I've set out to research and collect all the…

"How to Match Skin Tones using Photoshop"
How to Match Skin Tones in Photoshop

"How to Match Skin Tones using Photoshop"

Trying to match skin tones in photoshop from one area to another can be rather tricky if you don't analyze color first. Then we show you how to change mid-tones shadows and highlights to match face color to body color. You will be able to use these techniques on most portraits.


Wahiawa, HI


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Hey there! If you've ever wanted to make your own PHOTO ZINE we'd be happy to help you with this in our online workshop by Zoopark Publishing Collective. We still have some places for the workshop starting tomorrow! During one weekend you will learn all the essential steps of zine making and compose a PDF file of your zine. To sign up drop us a message on FB or to [email protected]
Bay St Vertical. Looking almost straight up on Bay St near King St W in the downtown Toronto Canada financial district. Original photography from 2012 using a Canon EOS T1i body with a Canon EF-S 17-85mm f4-5.6 IS USM lens. Reprocessed in 2018 using Silver EFEX Pro as a Lightroom plugin for the Black and White conversion. By: TLC Photography Toronto
La niña de papel...