Flagler College Philosophy/Religion Symposium

Flagler College Philosophy/Religion Symposium The most awesome people you will ever meet. The Philosophy Symposium. The Flagler College Philosophy/Religion Symposium is a school club that meets Thursdays at 7pm to discuss philosophical issues.

We usually meet in the gazebo and then decide another place to move onto. Club attendees include everyone from atheists, agnostics, Christians, spiritual people, Jewish people, Muslims and people who just don't care about religion. Some people come and don't even talk; they're just interested in listening in - and that's ok. Everyone is welcome. Philosophy Club is a place to discuss a variety of issues. You do not have to be a philosophy or religion major or minor to attend. Anyone interested in coming can do just that: come. We are not a club that thrives on being pretentious and arrogant; we have interesting, thought-provoking discussions while making friends and getting to know ourselves better. Besides, it's usually more fun than listening to your roommate complain about the same boring issues. For those interested in being on the mailing list, please email [email protected]. We'll put you on the list sooner or later.


This time of the year can be really stressful, so tonight's meeting will be a fun and casual game night, featuring Cards Against Humanity! Join us at 7 in L200!


We're shaking things up for our meeting tonight ~ we'll be meeting at 7 in the gazebo, as usual, and then headed over to the theater to see the Flagler College Theater Department perform Life is a Dream, a play with many philosophic concepts! Admission is free for Flagler students, so BRING YOUR STUDENT ID. We hope you can all join us for a fun evening of theater and philosophy!


Tonight's meeting will be open discussion! Come talk philosophy with us at 7 in L200!


To start getting ready for Halloween, we'll be watching an episode of The Twilight Zone, followed by discussion! See you there!


Our meeting tonight (starting at 7, meeting in the gazebo) will be open discussion, so bring some topics you're interested in! See you there!


There will be NO MEETING tonight, as we'd like to encourage everyone to attend Dr. Amy Jill Levine's presentation tonight at 7 in the auditorium. Dr. Levine is a New Testament and Jewish studies scholar, and will be speaking on parables in the bible. We'll see you next week!


Tonight is our first movie night of the semester! We will be matching Ex Machina, followed by discussion of the movie! As usual, we'll be meeting in the gazebo, and then moving to L200 to watch the film! Hope to see you all there!


Tonight is another open discussion, so bring along any topics that you didn't get to discuss last week! We're excited to hear the cool things you'll bring to the table! Meet us at 7 in the gazebo!


Tonight's meeting is open discussion, so please bring any philosophical topics you've been wanting to discuss! We'll be meeting in the gazebo at 7, as usual, and we hope to see you there!


Hey, everyone, both new and old! The first meeting of the semester will be tonight, starting at 7 in the gazebo! We'll be getting to know each other and watching an episode of the Twilight Zone, and kicking off a great semester together. See you there!

THE CANON OF PHILOSOPHY STUDENT KARAOKE SONGS.BY JARRY LEE- - - -“Total Eclipse of Descartes”“Don’t You (Foucault About ...
List: The Canon of Philosophy Student Karaoke Songs.



- - - -

“Total Eclipse of Descartes”

“Don’t You (Foucault About Me)”

“U Kant Touch This”

“Hit Me Baby Wittgenstein”

“Camus Feel the Love Tonight?”

“Get the Party Sartred”

“Forever Jung”

“I Kissed Hegel (And I Liked It)”

“Ain’t No Montaigne High Enough”

“Pop, Locke & Drop It”

“Bataille Will Always Love You”

“My Milkshake Brings All the Baudrillard”

“Rousseau Vain (You Probably Think This Song is About You)”

“Love Voltaire Us Apart”

“Psycho Schiller”

“Total Eclipse of Descartes” “Don’t You (Foucault About Me)” “U Kant Touch This” “Hit Me Baby Wittgenstein” “Camus Feel the Love Tonight?”...

Flagler College philosophy undergraduates are you ready?
FPA Annual Meeting

Flagler College philosophy undergraduates are you ready?

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The internet broke over this dress, but Wittgenstein broke my mind.
What would Wittgenstein say about that dress? - BBC News

The internet broke over this dress, but Wittgenstein broke my mind.

The colour of "that dress" has been fascinating people all around the world, including Prof Barry C Smith of the University of London's Institute of Philosophy.

Hmmmm. What do philosophy students/graduates/professors think about this article?
Reality doesn’t exist until we measure it, quantum experiment confirms

Hmmmm. What do philosophy students/graduates/professors think about this article?

Australian scientists have recreated a famous experiment and confirmed quantum physics's bizarre predictions about the nature of reality, by proving that reality doesn't actually exist until we measure it - at least, not on the very small scale....

Good luck to everyone!

Good luck to everyone!


There will be another open discussion meeting tonight,starting at 7 in the gazebo! If you have a philosophical topic you've been wanting to discuss, this is your chance!


Hello, everyone! Tonight, one of our awesome members, Dawson Roebig, will be presenting a paper called "The Qur'an: Allegory, Divine Knowledge, and Literature" and there will be plenty of time afterwards to discuss the ideas in his presentation! As always, meet us at 7 in the gazebo!

Pictures from the UNF Undergraduate. Congratulations to both Carly and Kendrick on excellent presentations.

Pictures from the UNF Undergraduate. Congratulations to both Carly and Kendrick on excellent presentations.


We hope that everyone had a great Spring Break, and we're looking forward to seeing you all again at tonight's meeting! Philosophy students Carly and Kendrick will be doing a mock presentation of their papers, in preparation for a conference this weekend. Please come support them and listen to some amazing papers!


Sorry the the late post, but we do have a meeting tonight at 7 in L200! It is going to be a joint meeting with Flagler's political guild, and is sure to be a lively and enlightening open discussion centered around the connections between politics and philosophy! See you there!


Hey guys! Tonight's meeting will be another open discussion, since the last one worked so well! If you have any philosophical topic you've been wanting to talk about, tonight is your chance! See you tonight at 7!


Tonight is the night! In L200, we were finally be having our debate about the films we watched the last two weeks ~ The Thin Red Line and the Tree of Life, and discussing their philosophical merits. It's sure to be an enlightening discussion, so join us in the gazebo at 7, and bring your opinions!


Tonight we'll be continuing our Terrence Malick marathon (Malickthon??) with The Tree of Life! It's another long one, so feel free to bring snacks, and definitely bring some film-watching endurance. We'll be meeting at the gazebo at 7, and moving on to k300 from there. Hope to see you all!


Hey, everyone! Our meeting tonight has been moved from K300 to L200! Join us for The Thin Red Line!


Tonight kicks off our movie nights for the semester! We will be watching The Thin Red Line, directed by Terrence Malick, in K300. Meet us at the gazebo at 7, and we'll go to the film from there!


Our meeting tonight will be open discussion, so if there are any philosophical topics you've been wanting to discuss, please bring them! Our theme this semester is philosophy & literature, but your topic doesn't necessarily have to relate. See you at 7!


What philosopher should YOU fight via Tumblr (thenymreaper).

There are a lot of philosophers out there, and they all need to get pummeled from time to time.

Who comes out on top?
You vs. Various philosophers

The Outcomes:

Who wins: Socrates
Look, there is a -100% chance that Socrates lands a KO, but that’s because he doesn’t need to. you come in spoiling for a fight and by the end of it you’re seriously debating whether you can truly claim to have ownership of your arms. It makes you want to fight him more and then you just get deeper into the spiral. don’t bother.

Who wins: Plato
Sorry, but his name literally means ‘burly guy.’ you’re not going to win this one.

Who wins: You
Ok actually I don’t know who wins here but Aristotle needs to be beaten up so badly. Please punch him. I’ll help.

Who wins: Diogenes
I get why you want to fight him. I want to fight him. Everyone wants to fight him. don’t do it tho. His entire life is a series of him asking people to fight him and he still lived to one million years old. Don’t do it.

Who wins: Epicurus
Jesus don’t fight Epicurus. dude does NOT care. your punches will be like water off a ducks back.

Who wins: Nobody
I forget the argument I was going to make because I just looked him up and he looks like a weird adult baby.

you’ll win this one but why do you want to fight an adult baby. Avoid.

Who wins: You
sidenote: is there a single picture where Voltaire doesn’t look punchable?

honestly. anyway, look at the guy, he’s like 20 pounds. punch him.

Who wins: Hume
'In 1731, he was afflicted with a ravenous appetite and palpitations of the heart. After eating well for a time, he went from being “tall, lean and raw-bon'd” to being “sturdy, robust [and] healthful-like”' HE GOT ILL AND IT ONLY MADE HIM STRONGER. AVOID.

Who wins: ???
I honestly don’t know but ughhhhhhh he’s so smuuuuuug. Do it. Beat up Hegel.

Who wins: You
Like, the entire Concept of Anxiety. there is no way you could lose this fight. go for it.

Who wins: You
But you won’t feel good about it. All this scrawny man wants to do is grind up some lenses and maybe watch some spiders making a web if its a wild day. Don’t fight Spinoza.

Who wins: Descartes
Guy was a mercenary. He like, did fencing. Don’t fight Descartes.

Who wins: You
Use his moustache as a pulley and kick him in the chest. When you knock him out whisper ‘human, all too human….’, and laugh.

John Stuart Mill

Who wins: You
JSM is the proto weird atheist guy who corners you and insists on going on and on about Richard Dawkins. You could take him easy. Fight John Stuart Mill.

Who wins: Schopenhauer
He believed that the world is fundamentally unsatisfied and in search of satisfaction?? This man is DYING to punch somebody. Don’t do it.


Tonight at 7, president Carly will be presenting a paper titled "This Devil is Too Sublime: Satan, Transcendence, and Eroticism" and there will be time afterwards for any questions and discussion. We'll be meeting at the gazebo, and moving to L200 from there.


Happy 2015! The first meeting of this semester is tonight at 7, and we will be introducing our theme of PHILOSOPHY AND LITERATURE, complete with cheesy icebreakers and a cool episode of The Twilight Zone! We look forward to seeing you all tonight; meet us at the gazebo at 7!

Minister of Education Jan O’Sullivan in Irleand reported, The country’s National Council for Curriculum and Assessment w...
O’Sullivan signals philosophy to be taught in schools

Minister of Education Jan O’Sullivan in Irleand reported, The country’s National Council for Curriculum and Assessment will develop a “short course” in philosophy that will be taught to students in the early years of secondary school (approximately ages 12-16).

Plan for course in philosophical ‘concepts and ideas’ as part of junior cycle changes

University of North Florida Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies


UNF is now accepting papers for the 2015 undergraduate conference! CHECK IT OUT!

The UF Undergraduate Philosophy Society invites submissions for the 2015 Florida Undergraduate Philosophy Conference.

The 2015 Florida Undergraduate Philosophy Conference will be held March 20-21, 2015 at the University of Florida (UF) in Gainesville, Florida. We welcome submissions on any topic in philosophy from current undergraduate students at Florida colleges and universities. The conference is organized by UF’s Undergraduate Philosophy Society.

The Conference provides undergraduate students the opportunity to present their own work in philosophy and discuss it with their peers. Our goal is to provide a forum that promotes and cultivates undergraduate research in philosophy.

All papers selected and presented at the conference will be considered for the PhilSoc Essay Prize ($400); winner to be announced at the conference.

Deadline to Submit: January 18th, 2015

The UF Undergraduate Philosophy Society invites current undergraduate students from Florida colleges and universities to submit papers of 2000-3500 words to be presented at the 2015 meeting of the Florida Undergraduate Philosophy Conference. The conference will be hosted by the University of Florida on March 20-21, 2015. Paper submissions on any topic in philosophy are welcomed. Papers should be prepared for blind review.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Email your submissions to
2. Submissions must include in the body of the email:
a. Author's name
b. Title of the paper
c. Institutional Affiliation
d. Contact information (email, phone number)
e. Paper word count
f. Philosophical subject area (e.g., metaphysics; epistemology; etc.)
g. Abstract not exceeding 250 words
3. Attachment: the paper in PDF, Microsoft Word or Rich Text format. Attachment should contain no identifying information as to its author or his/her institutional affiliation.

Inquiries to Andrew Reath


74 King St
Saint Augustine, FL


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